Friday, August 28, 2009

Thinking PUPO

PUPO= Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise

I'm trying, really trying to keep positive. It is very hard because the cramping continues. The good thing is I have slept like a rock for the last two nights which I haven't done in a long time. The other good thing is that another IVF survivor in "real life" kindly came to chat with me at work yesterday. She told me she had cramps so bad she knew it didn't work. Cramps and bleeding. But she was pregnant. It was so nice to hear that from someone else who has been through it. Hubby continues to talk to the embies and kiss them everyday.

I got myself a gift to hold onto this week, and even for awhile, because if it works, I know for IFers pregnancy is one paranoid test after the other, and if it doesn't work, I will need it to hope that my one little babysicle they were able to freeze will stick with an FET. I got it on Etsy, the greatest website ever!

So, I'm pregnant with twins! I'm pregnant with twins! (okay, that didn't help, I'll have to work on that until Tuesday, when the big news comes in)

I have a busy weekend planned with my foster babies! I'm very excited. I will post non-face showing pictures of our fabulous weekend. I met their birthmom and the boyfriend. It was terrible. I hate the way the babies act after they have to be subjected to that, it breaks my heart. Operation "Get them locked up and throw away the key" has commenced! I have no idea why they are walking free in the world after what they've done. It's messed up. But while we have the babies all we can do is show them the love and life they deserve.

We put Little Bub in time out for the first time yesterday. While I was in the bathroom he took a drink from GQ's cup and then joyfully threw bits of milk all over the living room floor and the couch. Hubby put him in time out and he screamed and screamed. I hated it! I never knew I was such a wuss.


  1. I LOVE that necklace - I want one! ;-) That's what we all need to hold onto...hope. Wishing you peace through the rest of your 2WW.

  2. My fingers remain crossed.

    Love the necklace, I have something like that too, used it thru my IVF cycles. Find the comfort where you can!

  3. I have really enjoyed reading your story this morning and am looking forward to hearing more positive news!

  4. PUPO is one of my favourite IF terms! So much of this journey is surrounded by sadness and defeat... having something positive to cling to is a refreshing change.

  5. Can't wait to hear good news on Tuesday! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.:)


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