Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Sweetest Things

Here it is everyone! The first artwork of Little Bub! Isn't is amazing? At the tender age of 1, he painted with cookie cutters. I was so excited to see this when I got home from a very long day of work. Little Bub is my little snuggler and kisser. Every night to go to bed we have to get snuggles for awhile. He warmed up to me very quickly and I of course think everything he does is amazing since he got here.
It took GQ a little longer to warm up to me. Which is completely understandable! Yesterday we went to his new school and it was great. When we left he asked us how long he had been with us. I said one week. He then asked if he could stay with us for 31,000 weeks until he becomes an old man. It was so sweet, and also rewarding. Today when I walked in the door, he gave me a huge hug. Hubby and Little Bub were dancing to hip hop in the kitchen while he was cooking mac and cheese. I was getting a hug from GQ and admiring the amazing artwork of Little Bub and thinking that this is the life! For a brief moment, I was a little bit thankful for this tough IF journey. Without it, I would have never experienced a moment like this, and I was very grateful.
Tomorrow is the first IVF scan to see how my follies are doing. I'm hoping for a lot and also hoping they will reduce the amount of stim meds I'm on. I'm already in pain. I just ordered another $500.00 vial of Follistim. While I was at it, I forgot to ask them to not send a box of god damn dull needles this time!!


  1. What a lovely post! I love the picture your little guy made for you. How did they do that? I bet Rachel would love doing that:). It is really something special to read about you being thankful for your difficult journey because of your two little ones right now. It's so true, as difficult as it is sometimes...there are still incredible, memorable moments during the journey. I'm glad you are experiencing some rewarding ones right now...and realize it! Hugs, Lori...

  2. Imagining your man dancing to hip hop makes me laugh so hard I may pee my pants. Man do I miss that guy!
    I'm glad you are having such a positive experience with your little guys at home, it truly is inspiring to see you doing such a thankless duty; allthewhile, going through your own personal journey that is truly trying. If only everyone would pitch in to make the world a better place. Just don't let Mike dance to hip hop!

    Love you,

  3. Good luck on your scan tomorrow! And thank you for sharing your foster experiences. To be honest, I've thought about it a lot, and we've seriously considered it, but I'm so afraid I couldn't bear it when they went back home. Hearing what a wonderful experience it has been for you makes me think maybe I can handle it after all.

  4. Lori - They did the art project with black construction paper and dipping star shaped cookie cutters in white washable paint. I think Rachel would love to do it!

    Leigh - You know Mike's dancing skills are hot! :) And by hot, I mean totally ridiculous and embarassing.

    Myndi - I was worried about that too. But it is so worth it. When they do go back, at least I got the priviledge of being with them at some point in my life. Good luck if you decide to do it!


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