TTC History

TTC #1

Feb '07-Nov'07 - Go to OB/GYN to say I'm ready to get pregnant. She says everything looks great and it takes about 4 months to get pregnant (silly OB). I ditch BCPs to do some casual TTC in order to make a honeymoon baby for my wedding, June 2nd, 2007.
Nov '07 - Back to OB/GYN due to lack of success and wonky periods. She says there's nothing wrong with me. Surprise! Scan shows Polycycstic Ovaries (PCOS). Begin Clomid and bloodwork monthly. She says this will do the trick.
Dec '07 - Clomid - No Ovulation
Jan '08 - Clomid - BFN
Feb '08 - Clomid - BFN
March '08 - Clomid - No Ovulation
Apr '08 - Clomid - BFN
May '08 - Clomid - BFN
June '08 - Clomid - BFN
July '08 - Clomid - BFN
Aug '08 - Give up on Clomid, make an appoint with a RE
Sept '08 - Meet with RE, he gives me a 79% chance of success over 3 tries with IUI. Prescribes 1500 mg daily Metformin.
Oct '08 - Follistim/ IUI #1 - BFN, start of major depression
Nov '08 - Follistim/IUI #2 - BFN
Dec - Jan '09 - Holiday Break
February '09 - Follistim/IUI #3- BFN
March - May '09 - Much needed mental health break, first fosters arrive. We foster five children aged 18 months-14 years between March and October.
June '09 - Met with a new RE to discuss IVF. She is amazing. She re-diagnoses me with unexplained infertility.
July '09 - Begin BCPs and continue with IVF #1. We end up transferring two beautiful blasts and have one 6 day blast to freeze!

9/1/09 First Beta: 168 (8dp5dt)
9/3/09 Second Beta: 420!!! So far so good! (10dp5dt)
9/8/08 Third Beta: 2,330 (15dp5dt)
9/22/09 First ultrasound reveals TWINS!! Two heartbeats seen and heard.
10/5/09 Second ultrasound at 1:00 p.m. Both monkey's still trucking. Graduation to the OB!!
10/19/09 First OB appointment. Saw both monkeys MOVE around for the first time. This became one of the best days of my life. 10w4d
11/10/09 First Perinatal Specialist appointment. Babies look fabulous!
11/18/09 Second OB appointment at 15w0d. Two beautiful healthy babies. Baby A is a boy!! Baby B is most likely a girl, but we are not for sure.
12/8/09 Perinatal Specialist appointment. It's a boy and a girl!!
4/22/10 The best day ever: Ocean Michael, 6 lbs. 2 oz., and Ever Ieleene, 5 lbs. 5 oz. via c-section at 37 weeks!

TTC #3

July '11- Go to my annual appointment. OB asks how BCPs are going and I confess I got off them months ago because I would love another baby and don't want to prevent the chance of a natural miracle. She says that is reasonable and I begin a prescription of 1500 mg daily Metformin.
Oct '11 - Hubby says he would love to use our frozen embryo. It was very emotional, but I agreed and we met with the RE again and were put on the schedule for a December transfer.
Dec '11 - We transfer one not-so-beautiful embryo.
Dec '11 - FET FAIL!! Lots of tears, confusion, sadness, anger. RE says we can jump on board for any fresh IVF cycle we would like.
Jan '12 - Go to an OB and have a laparoscopy performed. We find that on top of PCOS, one of my ovaries doesn't look fully functional and I have endometriosis on my tubes that cannot be removed. The endo is minimal, but OB is unsure of whether it will continue to grow into my tubes and block them. Dye test shows that both tubes are currently open.
Feb '12 to April '12 - Decide that I really, really don't feel comfortable doing another IVF anytime soon. I don't want to get on birth control either so I purchased FertilAid because it kept my cycles really regular while I was preparing for the twins' IVF cycle. I did a vegan cleanse and cut out all caffeine and took my fast food and sugar intake down by about 85%!
April '12- I decided to temp because I don't think I am really ovulating and don't want to pay the doctor to tell me if I am or not. My chart looks great and looks like a preggo chart. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!

4/12/12 1st beta 13 dpo 44.23 prog 14
4/14/12 2nd beta 15 dpo 151
4/17/12 3rd beta 19 dpo 699 prog 23
5/1/12 1st U/S HB 111 due date: 12/25/12
12/15/12 Nash Edward born at 12:58 am 8 lbs 20 inches and beautiful via VBAC!