Sunday, January 19, 2014

We are moving (to a new blog)!

I have been blogging here since 2009.

I haven't been on this blog much since the Butterball arrived. One reason is because I have been swamped with life and just haven't had the time. Butterball just started sleeping. The twins just started preschool. I work part time. The hubby has a full time job which requires travel and school and another job.

Another reason is that it feels weird. This was my place that I needed so much to talk about all the feelings swirling in my head regarding the things we were going through to build our family. There was funny stuff, pain, sadness, anger, joy, success, failure, all of it. It was the best free therapy a girl could hope for.

I can say with confidence and joy that I am DONE family building. There will be no more tests, shots, vagina wands, pills, decisions, or anything of the sort regarding the status of my family building. DONE. I feel happy and mostly, free. The freedom associated with putting this all behind me is amazing. AH-mazing.

When you search for infertility related inter web material, you have a chance of landing here. I will never forget what I've been through or how it feels, but this doesn't feel like the right place anymore. I know so many of my infertile sisters are still struggling.

So . . . . I'm saying goodbye to this place! I do want to continue to document what we are up to and things that I learn as a mom and a person. If you want to keep checking in on us, you can here:

I would love to have you if you want to follow me there! If not, ciao dolls, thank you so much for the support over the years!

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