Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mom's Over Chicks (For Now)

Hubby surprised me on a Friday night by saying he really felt like going to the mall. Trust me, that is weird. We aren't big shoppers these days anyhow but it was fun to go out and do something all together. We did our usual round of stores, food, then play area.

Osh man is not into people or kids. He likes his space. He tells me all the time that he doesn't like friends and he doesn't want to make friends. When we go places Ever has become a major social butterfly. Her main goal is to make some friends to play with.

Shockingly, the hubs and I looked over and two little girls were playing with Ocean. This is the second time that some girls have been googily eyed over my boy. The first was a precious moment when a little girl just kept staring at him smiling. She finally asked his name, to which he replied "I don't bemember" and rolled his eyes. I told her his name is Ocean. She said "oooh, that is a so handsome name." Shut up, it's a true story and it was so cute I almost died.

This time was a whole different ballgame. The two girls were chasing him all around. Thankfully he was smiling. Finally, one of the little girls bowed the other little girl, got a lead, and grabbed Osh by the hand and walked all over the play area with him. My jaw about hit the floor. Hubby was laughing, mostly at me. Osh got loose and went running again. I stood up and he ran to me and said "pick me up!" I picked him up so the little girl ran off.

Hold on to your tissues for what happened next.

Osh grabbed my cheeks and looked me in the face. He said "thanks Mom, I needed that."

I know.

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