Saturday, November 27, 2010

4 Straight Days

**Welcome ICLW**
I am posting this early as a warning for those who need it: this blog is HEAVY on the baby talk and pictures. You may want to skip if that is currently hard for you. If not, this blog began over a year ago with this
first post and is now primarily about life with our twins after thirty cycles of trying to conceive, eight months of Clomid, three IUI's with injectible meds, countless blood tests, antidepressants, therapy, adoption paperwork, five foster kids and finally one successful IVF!

I am thankful for many things this Thanksgiving, but one thing I will say I am super thankful for is the fact that I had four days off. I have been counting down to my four straight days with my monkeys for awhile.

Four straight days of just regular old life. We weren't going anywhere, just hanging out here and I could not wait! I could be like a stay at home mom for a weekend.

Well . . . I have had SO much fun.

I am also tired. Really tired. Tired as hell.

My mom currently takes care of the monkeys and I realized that I really need to give her a medal. I should actually give her a lot more money, like all of my money, but then I couldn't pay bills so she is going to have to make do with a medal and a big blogosphere shout out of THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! This is hard. Oh yeah.

But it's fun and I love it! We have snuggled in the morning and played all day. We went to a Thanksgiving celebration, we have been shopping, we went to hubby's moms house, I baked things, we went to hubby's sister's house, and we have had snuggle mania like no tomorrow. Unfortunately, tomorrow is coming. It's my last day of 24/7 snuggles.

Of course there has been drama. Poor Oshy is a miserable Oshy who is cutting teeth. Ever has been a drama queen who needs mommy snuggles ALL. THE. TIME. Would you like to know the upside of that? She did what I have been waiting for since they were born! She . . . .


I don't know why, but I have been waiting for the arms being outreached to me. I know they are happy to see me at the end of the day, but I have been wanting this and I was so excited about it.

As it is now the holiday season, I have been a sappy mess. Infertiles and holidays do not mix at all. Last holiday I was happy, but still scared. Now I am happy. I put up the tree and it brought tears to my eyes. I am just so freakin' excited to have the monkeys this season. Their first Christmas jammies have been purchased as well as a Christmas Eve outfit and a Christmas day outfit. It doesn't seem true. I feel like it's unhealthy that reality hasn't seemed to hit me full force yet. Is this really happening to me? My dreams really did come true? Weird!

The other thing I did was clean. I am not a cleaner. I hate cleaning. The phrases "I should really clean the house" and "yeah right, cleaning sucks" blend together so quickly in my thought processes that it doesn't really happen often. I took my wedding ring off to clean. And then lost it.

You heard right. I lost my ring. I LOVE my ring. Hubby picked it out and surprised me with it on a vacation in San Diego. It's beautiful. It means a lot to me. I cried and cried. I totally freaked out. I went to pick up babies from their grandma's and called my mommy to complain about this terrible tragedy. Hubby beeped in to let me know that he found it in the cabinet above the stove?

Crisis averted! I won't be doing that again. Cleaning I mean. I totally blame the cleaning.

It's been a fun four days. I am thankful for them. Now the countdown will be on until Christmas break . . . .

I almost forgot. We had a big milestone this weekend. The babies took their first bath in the big tub!


These two traveled all over the tub trying to keep hold of the duckies and enjoying their freedom.


Ever is a hoarder. I'm serious. She has to hoard everything. Even rubber duckies.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mom Friends

I don't think we will have WTF Wednesday this week. I'm missing all my shows! I'll have to get back on the ball soon, but I have also been getting up at the butt crack of dawn to be to work by 7:00 a.m. so TV doesn't sound quite so appealing. Stacy also told me that I am going to have an aneurysm soon watching it, and I agree.

On to the point of this post . . . . .

I can't decide if I need to find mom friends. I've been unsuccessful so far. Here are my list of reasons:

1. The usual culprit, infertility. People don't usually enjoy watching someone's eyes roll so far back into their head they look like they have been overcome by Satan and someone should call a priest when they say things like "if my husband looks at me around 4:00 p.m. on a Saturday I am suddenly pregnant" or "I really hope our 12th child will be a boy, if not, we'll just keep on having babies!" No thanks.

2. I work, therefore playdates after a noon nap or a mommy and me workout at 10:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning doesn't fit with my schedule. I also don't like the sad puppy eyed look I get from the other moms when I tell them I work everyday, full time. I have to.

3. My attention span is far too short to listen to the extremely overly thought out schedule of Super Mom's baby. In my house, we eat when we cry and we sleep when we're tired. We do have a general bed time, but that's about it. Thanks for making me feel like a loser Super Mom.

4. I don't read parenting books or follow special methods of parenting. When I am asked "what do you think about Weissbluth's method and what he said (is Weissbluth a chick or a dude?) on page 245, line 17?"

Me: "Uh, I don't know. What did you think of the NeNe calling Kim a dirty little wig wearing monkey on Real Housewives last week?"

Crickets chirping . . . . .

5. How. many. times. must. we. discuss. what. your. child. eats. and. how. often. ??? Of course breastfeeding must be discussed.

"I'm breastfeeding for at least year, it's such a wonderful experience."

Me: "Really? I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself. I don't use my breasts for feeding anyone currently, but sometimes I use them to get a cheap deal on my car service at Jiffy Lube."

Crickets chirping (or jaws dropping) . . . .

I also don't make my own baby food. I tried. It looked gross. I'm also too lazy to do that on a regular basis.

6. I don't need to talk about how awesome my babies are to people. I can say this or that, but not for very long periods of time. Why? I assume when you look at them that you automatically know that they are exceptionally attractive, advanced, and funny. I shouldn't have to explain that. Just like I shouldn't have to continuosly be asked to spell Ever's name for people. I'm pretty sure that's a sight word that everyone should know by the time they graduate Kindergarten.

I know I'm a smart mouth and I know that I'm not an expert on parenting things and perhaps just winging it is a poor choice, but there has to be something that I could bring to the table! There have to be some moms who would like to have a playdate on the weekend right? There are some other moms out there just like me right? Anyone? Bueller?

I know that someday I'm going to find my mom friend soulmate. She's out there. I think I would like to have mom friends. I think it would be so awesome to call someone and say "hey, lets go out to lunch and take our babies, but let's only talk about them part of the time and talk about other stuff too." Am I asking too much? I also have to find someone who can do that while I allow my seven month olds to suck on french fries and not have to worry about someone calling Child Protective Services. Now, I'm not saying I have to be mom friends with someone who is just like me, just someone who could refrain from making me feel like a loser for using the Ashley Method. I like hearing about other styles of doing things because we use all different tips around here, I just don't want to feel like I suck.

What do you think?

Next order of business . . . let's place some bets!

On Saturday, we purchased 408 diapers and 46 jars of baby food. How long do you think it will be before our stash is out?

Proof that children do survive on the Ashley Method:




Monday, November 22, 2010


**Welcome ICLW**
I am posting this early as a warning for those who need it: this blog is HEAVY on the baby talk and pictures. You may want to skip if that is currently hard for you. If not, this blog began over a year ago with this first post and is now primarily about life with our twins after thirty cycles of trying to conceive, eight months of Clomid, three IUI's with injectible meds, countless blood tests, antidepressants, therapy, adoption paperwork, five foster kids and finally one successful IVF!

There really isn't much to watch on the tube during weekends so I usually watch something totally random or reruns.

We rented our first movies since the birth of the munchkins. We watched "Get Him to the Greek" and "Splice." "Get Him to the Greek" was pretty funny in an obviously senseless way and my new motto in life is now "when life hands you a jeffrey rub a furry wall." "Splice" was so extremely disturbing I feel like calling my therapist right now. DON'T watch it, ever. Shudder . . . . .

Sunday I was desperately combing through the channels looking for something to distract me from my grouchy monkeys when I saw the title "8 Boys Want a Girl." In all my TV watching, I had never seen this before and I was intrigued. I started watching it and quickly became appalled.

It was on the Discovery Health Channel and was about the quest of three women who had tons of healthy children that happened to have weenies and were extremely desperate for a girl child.

Really? REALLY? I don't often feel bitterness like I used to, but I was one Bitter Betty last night. Just like watching "16 and Pregnant" while doing treatments even though I knew it was a poor choice, I got sucked in and watched.

Two couples were trying natural methods of creating girls. One was pregnant with her fifth child and they went in for the ultrasound. She was so nervous because she just had to have that little girl. It was a boy. She cried and hugged her husband as if she had just been told the baby had some fatal illness. I wanted to bitch slap her SO badly. Her boys are beautiful and she made them all by having sex with her husband, for free, which is something that baffles me and I can't comprehend it. She said she doesn't know how to live with it. It became apparent that her hubby was really ready to bitch slap her as well. He called her a "nightmare." Can't blame him.

I love modern medicine. I love IVF. I think IVF is super awesome and if it were a person I would have posters of it on my ceiling so I could look at it with dreamy eyes all night, that is how much I love IVF. BUT . . . I think sometimes it is used in a wrong way. Yeah, I said it. I 100% disagree with it being used for gender selection. Preventing deadly and life altering diseases is an amazing thing through PGD. Picking and choosing private parts, not so much.

One woman wanted girls so badly but she had 5 boys. In the UK, you cannot use PGD for gender selection (thank you) so she had to travel out of the country. After a few tries she was pregnant with twin girls and her life is now complete. She even said that she would not marry her partner unless he "gave" her a girl baby. They showed her shopping with her girls, taking pictures with her girls and raving about how they are everything she ever wanted. Then they showed her boys playing video games. I felt so sorry for them.

They showed one American woman. She had three healthy boys. She was doing her last attempt at PGD to get a girl. After going through IVF, I just can't understand how someone could pay all that money and go through the emotions and the physical demands of the procedure just to have a certain sex of baby. I just. don't. get. it. I understand gender disappointment, I really do. Maybe a little, "oh, I always dreamed of a son/daughter" or having your mother's intuition proved wrong or shedding a few tears. But being unable to live with it? I don't get that. The RE came in and told them that they had one healthy girl and a few remaining embryos. They said to discard the embryos. My mouth dropped open. I am a fairly liberal person, pro-choice and what have you, but again I. JUST. DON'T. GET. IT. I know people who would love those embryos!! They would love a healthy baby no matter what the sex! Why waste something that took so much care to create?


Okay, I just had to get that off my chest. I may not even turn the tube on tonight after two nights in a row of being disturbed. I know I'm lucky to have one of each, but it's hard to grasp having your life "ruined" and to be fearful of being eternally depressed when you have healthy beautiful children, especially being an infertility survivor.

Here's my Osh, who I love despite his weenie . . .

Here's my peanut, who I love dearly, and not just because I can buy her pink shit . . . .

Friday, November 19, 2010

It Has Begun

**Welcome ICLW**
I am posting this early as a warning for those who need it: this blog is HEAVY on the baby talk and pictures. You may want to skip if that is currently hard for you. If not, this blog began over a year ago with this first post and is now primarily about life with our twins after thirty cycles of trying to conceive, eight months of Clomid, three IUI's with injectible meds, countless blood tests, antidepressants, therapy, adoption paperwork, five foster kids and finally one successful IVF!
It has begun people. The "trouble" portion of "double trouble."
This is my peanut, learning how to hold her own bottle and feed herself.
She also learned that shaking it all around causes the formula to go sprinkling on herself, her toys and the carpet.
I learned that this makes her way too excited for my own comfort. Someone at the mall came up to me and her and said "that's a lively one." I know what this means. It means that she appears to be a wild heathen. I do believe she is going to be my feisty buggar. It reminded me of a conversation I had with my mom during those wretched teenage years (one of many conversations that caused me to call and apologize after a year of college and some growing up).
My mom: "You know what, I hope you end up with 10 kids just like you."
Me: "I hope I do too, because I am f*&^ing awesome."
Karma. Uh oh.
This is my Oshy boo. Why does he look so excited?
Because he just realized how exciting it is to whack mommy's glass of water and watch it go sailing onto the floor, followed by the shattering of said glass and water all over the table, bench, floor and wall.
Ever is the alpha dog. She delights in taking everything she can from Ocean. Today, he got even. She was playing with keys and he took them from her. She was ready to put up a fight, so he literally nosed dived into this position on his belly with the keys safely tucked away from his greedy little sister.
Mmm hmm. Nice. I know a normal person would probably take some preventative measures instead of smiling and taking pictures so I am not helping myself. I am sadly one of those people that think the first trouble making is some type of milestone that needs commemorated. You should probably pray for me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mom Jeans and Other Things

Yes, you read correctly. I now wear mom jeans. I know we are almost 7 months out, but I think the deformation of my tummy is permanent. My dangler (my name for my belly skin) just doesn't look right in regular jeans. So I bought mom jeans.


1. They're mom jeans. I'm 26. Ouch.
2. They are so high up that while they cover the dangler, I have to practically lift my shirt up to my neck just to get in my pockets.
3. Did I mention that I wear mom jeans at 26?


1. They cover the dangler.
2. They are cheaper than cool jeans.
3. My butt crack never shows, which is nice for others.

I bought my third pair of mom jeans this weekend when I went on my second expedition and my first trip to the mall with the twins with NO assistance!! It went beautifully. Since Peanut insists on being crazy at all times I strapped her into the Baby Bjorn and put Oshy, who is the sweetest boy and just went with the flow into the double stroller and put the things I was going to purchase into Ever's seat. It was great! Macy's also happened to be having a kid's day so we went downstairs and Ever and I shook our tail feathers to Mr. Stinky Feet while Ocean watched.

I realized that I am now an infertile's nightmare and it made me feel a touch guilty. Ever and I dancing. Ever being super cute with a huge bow in her hair and flailing her crazy arms all over the place (she is also a thief and likes to pull stuff off of racks and carry it around). Ocean looking like the most precious boo boo ever born in the stroller, smiling at strangers, while I play peek a boo, baby talk, and mooch all over him in public. It's bad. I just can't help myself.

Speaking of infertility, while I feel much better and pregnancy announcements don't bother me and I love being around little babies, there are some safe places that I had that have startled me recently and made me a little bummed. When people ask if we are going to do treatments again I get the shivers a little bit just thinking about it. I opened a closet to get out some drugs and there was a cup with syringes in it and my stomach churned a little bit. Pregnancy talk and parent talk don't bother me, but for some reason TTC does.

Starting about a month ago on my parenting online group which I have loved and cherished for the past year, pregnancy announcements have started popping up. I love being able to chat with other moms about our kiddos, but opening up the chat to BFP announcements and titles along the lines of "I'm So Fertile" followed by wow, I have a two month old and we weren't even trying has made me stray away from that area. Then pregnancy announcements always produce the topic of discussing when someone else will start to TTC for kiddo number 3, 4, 5, etc. It's kind of a bummer, but I have other sources of entertainment. Not to mention the discussions I've been hearing online and in real life about needing to specifically try for a certain sex of baby. Blah, huge peeve.

Well . . . my very safest place with is all about parenting and pregnancy after infertility is now adding TTC to the mix. Sigh . . . . It's unrealistic to think I can just hide in a world of parenting only talk and get to just walk away from the whole TTC thing, but it was a nice thought in my mind. Oh well.

I mostly focus on the fact that my babies have become absolutely delicious! I just want to eat them up. The more they become so beautiful and animated and interactive, the less and less I think I would ever want another, which is why this TTC stomach flip flopping uncomfortableness is confusing for me. I did tell hubby next time we have a baby I would do a natural birth.

That's because there isn't going to be a next time, ha ha!! Joke's on daddy . . . . .


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WTF Wednesday

- RH of Beverly Hills. These bitches have big dollaz (that's dollars, but the gangster version)!! They showed birthday parties for their young children. One of them spent $60,000 on her four year old's birthday party. WHAT???? I might spend $600 on the twins first birthday. If you include gifts for two and gas mileage. And I did say might. The four year olds gift was her first piece of jewelry, which cost about $1500 in the form of a Barbie diamond necklace. I was a little jealous of that because I love Barbie, but really, it's crazy! Camille Grammar is officially ridiculous. She does not have a job and she had four nannies to care for her two children (I'm sorry but what was the point of having the children) and she claims to be the busiest. She is just so stressed that she needs help from a house manager. What, you might ask, is stressing her out? A trip to Hawaii. boo. freakin'. hoo.

-16 and Pregnant is sort of boring me. I did like the dad last night, he was straight to the point. I liked when he was talking to baby daddy's parents and they were talking about his college plans and the father of the mom to be said "that's nice, I really couldn't care less about him going to college." Ha ha!! The kids were engaged and going to get married, but they didn't stick with that plan. I have to say this is still so bizarre to me. I don't remember one single pregnant girl in my high school. I thought that was normal. I didn't know seeing preggo bellies in school is now a normal thing. Weird.

- RH of Atlanta had me laughing as usual. I want NeNe to be my friend. Phaedra is claiming that she is going to be induced to give birth to her son at 34 weeks. Sigh . . . . She always claims to be a Southern belle with the best of morals so obviously she got knocked up before she was married. Who cares?? It's 2010! No one needs to worry about that, especially when you are a grown woman with a good job making bank. It's just funny to see everyone's face as she tries to explain this to them and clearly no one believes it. As NeNe says "don't say that out loud so that everyone can hear how crazy you are."

- Where I work we have automatic flushing toilets, yet there is always pee pee and poo poo in them. WTF?? I don't get it! Isn't that the point of the automaticness? I think someone needs to demand a refund!

- A mom at Nerdy Apple Bottom blog has been all over the tube because there is a huge debate on why she let her boy dress up like a girl for Halloween. #1 - This is not anyone's business. Why would people care so much about this that it would make the news? #2 - It's normal. I have worked with kids since I was a kid. Boys play mommy in kitchen, boys dress up in girl clothes, boys play with hair, and yes, I have had boys that love to dress up in full princess garb. I have two straight brothers that have dressed as girls and we put full make up on them. I had triplets in my preschool that dressed as the PowerPuff girls. So what?

-You can now put a sign on your baby stroller that says not to touch it. This might offend, but I find this completely lame!! I am glad I don't have those worries as I know they are normal for a first time mom. I am a first time bio-mom, but including fosters these are my 6th and 7th children, not to mention, I work around lots of germy, snotty, stinky kids daily. They will be fine. I know there are circumstances where this is a big deal, but for most kids, germs are good. I rarely make anyone wash their hands before touching my kids unless they look visibly sick or dirty (in which case they just don't touch them). I do ask people to wash with regular soap on occasion. OR - you could grow a pair and just say "don't touch my child" or "no thank you, you may not touch my child" if you'd like to be polite instead of putting a sign on your child like they are a little animal. Peanut and boo boo are experiencing their first round of sickness and we have had several people suggest we wash their things in bleach. NO WAY! Germs are way better for their little systems than chemicals, like those found in bleach and hand sanitizers (which are full of alcohol). I personally believe kids have so many allergies and illnesses because people are too afraid of germs. Did you know people in Africa who live the rugged outdoor life do not have any allergies at all? There are bad germs, very bad ones and you should always use your best judgement but I do find bleaching everything and sanitizing people from head to toe overboard. Okay, soap box over.

Best baby moments: They are starting to babble more. Ocean is best at getting actual sounds out, but Ever is super funny when she jabber jaws with her little toothless mouth. I will try to videotape it sometime for your viewing pleasure.

Oshy's first mohawk!


Peanut's first swing! (and she looks so excited about it)


Monday, November 8, 2010

Fortune Cookies

Hubby is not fond of Chinese food so fortune cookies aren't something I indulge in often. Most fortune cookies are pretty general and sometimes completely random, but every now and then there is one that seems to just call to me. Before hubby when I was college bound, I got a fortune cookie reading that said

"This will be the best year of your life"

I loved it, it was perfect and I was on my way. Well, it turned out to be one of the worst so nine months in I tossed it in the trash and gave it the finger once it landed.

I met hubby and he is not a Chinese food fanatic so we only have occasionally gone to eat it, mostly special occasions when I would go to PF Changs (my favorite). After the end of IUI's, I felt terrible. Just so depressed. We went to a meeting regarding adoption because I just wasn't comfortable with IVF and it's cost. We found out that adoption was even more financially devastating than IVF. I figured I would just never be a mom and I needed to get a grip on it.

Hubby took me to PF Changs for a special day to take my mind off of things. I opened my fortune cookie expecting something silly, but instead I read this

"Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"

I couldn't believe it. I can't explain it, but it made me feel different. A random little fortune cookie. I placed it on my refrigerator (I still have it) and called Dr. B for a consult. It was amazing. My consult with the old RE sucked and I had a terrible feeling after the adoption seminar. I felt different with Dr. B and we decided right away to take the plunge. One year later, I came home with these


Last week hubby and I rolled through the Panda Express drive through. I had to convince hubby it was the best thing to do and that it would be good and the babies were sleeping in the backseat, we wouldn't even have to get them out of the car!

Hubby opened his fortune cookie after we ate and it said he needed to improve upon his work out routine. I laughed. I could only imagine what mine would say.

I spent over three years worrying, obsessing, and consumed by infertility. Now the hole in my heart is filled with my two monkeys. I know that no matter what I have them, and they are what I have dreamed of since I was just a little girl. But . . . . . something has felt a little off now that I can think about the whole picture. Money, career, and the life I want to lead with the kids. Some things will have to change or maybe just evolve to accomodate my dreams. I am not so desperate in wanting these things as I was for having kids, so I thought, it would be just the silver lining or maybe the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to have everything.

I opened my fortune cookie wondering if I also needed to hit the gym like hubby but mine said

"All the rainbow's treasures will soon be yours"

Yes!! I hit the fortune cookie jackpot again!

I have been going back and forth, but I decided to sign up for classes and make the active commitment to change my future. I am officially a student again starting 2011 to supplement my bachelor's degree.

I also picked up some cash to buy a lottery ticket.

I placed the fortune on the refrigerator with my "nothing is impossible" fortune. It's silly how something little and random can change your outlook. Now that I have my babies everything else is just extra, but who wouldn't want a treasure at the end of the rainbow?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Big Love

This is my family.


I have a family. Can you believe it? Sometimes I still can't.

But it makes me have BIG love.
(and not the HBO polygamist kind)

The kind of big love that makes you a little different.

The kind of big love that makes you see this sweet little face and you just can't stand it when she's in distress.


So you crawl into her bed, which is not meant for a mommy.


The kind of big love that wakes you up in the middle of the night and you are just so tired that you might feel a little rough around the edges. Until you see this face . . . .


and then you smile and snuggle and feel overcome with joy. Tired joy, but still joy.

Big love can also make you old. You say old people things like "my, the time passes so quickly" and you get old people stuff like gray hair and crow's feet.


But it's okay, because being a mom makes you feel more beautiful and special, even if you need botox.

Big love makes you look at your partner differently. Because big love is overwhelming, it might not always be in a good way, but when you move past that, you look at your partner in the best way.


Things that you thought were super important are just not that important anymore. Need a new tooth? Who cares! Can't get dressed up and go out? Who cares! Someone is overloaded with drama that they want to pass on to you? Still, no one cares because big love is more important, more exciting, and just more everything.


Have a beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WTF Wednesday

I do apologize for never getting around to WTF Wednesday last week. I was in too sappy of a mood that my babies are halfway to being a whole year old and they have survived 6 months of having this for a mama:

It's a miracle!!

- I did watch 16 and Pregnant. I couldn't help myself. Was that episode a joke? The marriage, the kids attempting to purchase a barn to live in, the race cars, it was just really kind of mean. Also sad because the mom said she had told her daughter all about birth control and even provided condoms for them. I would be pissed! I did think it was a good thing that this parent laid down the law that she will not be raising her grandchild. I also thought it was funny when she was getting upset because her husband (that doesn't sound right when discussing 16 year olds) wanted to make more money but she said she couldn't stay up all night and then go to school or she wouldn't finish. Welcome to parenthood sweetheart! When you're a real grown up you do have to stay up all night, get up and go to work all day so that you can pay your bills and still have to clean your house and buy your food (I would know, it happens to me everyday).

On last night's 16 and Pregnant it was pretty typical. Girl and boy get pregnant, boy isn't ready and messes around with his friends, girl ends up doing everything herself.

- The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is pretty good. I still can't get over all the plastic surgery.
CONFESSION: I have always wanted a nose job. And by always, I seriously mean I started thinking about it in the 3rd grade. Multiple attempts at wishing for a smaller nose or clipping it up with a clothes pin didn't work so I began planning for my nose job. I'm 26 now and still haven't done it so I don't think it's gonna happen.

Anyway, I'm not so sure about Camille Grammar. She seems to like to get on other people's men. Good thing this wasn't Real Housewives of New Jersey because if she had been talking about her boobs to all the other wives husbands at the pool in Jersey she would be missing some hair! Her dancing was extra special at the club too. I LOVE Lisa, she is my fave for sure.

- I LOVE the RH of Atlanta. They are just funny, nothing too serious on that show. I like to just be able to laugh and NeNe is awesome! I do have to point out something I thought was odd. There is a new housewife, Phaedra, (who isn't really a housewife, she's a lawyer, which is cool) and she is snotty with a capital S. Her hubby is biracial and she made a comment that since he grew up in a white household he didn't have good taste and lived off of canned food and she is trying to make him high class like her. Now, as a white person I'm not offended and I do enjoy a good ol' fashioned can of spaghetti o's with meatball just like the next person, but can you imagine if a white person said something like that about an African American household? The person would have to apologize, the show would get cancelled and there would be an intervention. Major double standard. I'm not going to write to Bravo or anything because I really don't care that much, I'm just sayin' . . . . . . She also went on to say that she thinks of love as getting gifts and he tried to explain to her that love for him is spending time together. She didn't get it. Poor thing.

- OMG, I hope you didn't miss the special Sister Wives on Sunday. They were interviewed. The first wife, Meri, was discussing infertility and did pull on my heartstrings a bit. I know this sounds weird coming from me, but they really just seem like a nice family. The husband, Cody, is definitely different, but as hubby says, any man who would really want four wives is crazy. What will be interesting is if wifey #4 will start having children . . . . I think wifey #3 won't be able to handle that so well. I hope they don't get arrested so that there will be another season. And that would suck for their kids. Where would they all go? There is going to be a honeymoon special soon and I will certainly be watching that.

- A four'>">four year old is being sued for hitting an elderly woman accidentally while riding a bike that had training wheels on it. A four year old. Getting sued. Grown adults are suing a four year old for an accident. WHAT????? This is just a ridiculous shame. What is the four year old going to do? Turn over their tooth fairy money? Stories like these remind me why I really don't like people that much.

- An article was published discussing how hard Facebook is on the infertility community. Duh. I guess I have some confusion about why this article was even published. Are they suggesting that Facebook shouldn't allow people to post things about their families or that people should feel guilty for it? Essentially, that's what it is for. I would rather find out actual information about my friend's families than read that someone is wiping their butt or eating a cheeseburger at McDonalds. When I was going through treatments, I would hide people who were newly married because I would think they might get preggo or if I knew someone was trying. Obviously, if I already knew they were pregnant, they would get hidden. Or I just wouldn't get on. That's the issue I have with the article, it says that you can avoid people who are pregnant in real life but not on Facebook. That's just not true. You have to go to work even if all your coworkers are pregnant. You have to go to the grocery store to get food even if the check out clerk looks like she is 12 and about to pop any second. The article seems to suggest that you have to have Facebook. You don't. It's a hobby. I think it also bothers me because instead of accurately highlighting the true pain of infertility, it makes us look like whiny jerks who just want everyone to think about us and not be happy for themselves (which is exactly what people say in the comment section, don't read the comments if you are feeling sensitive). I would love to read a great article on infertility instead of something like this. I won't hold my breath though . . . Facebook can really be the devil during infertility, so the best choice would be to not get on it.
- A 10 year old in Spain gave birth. Nice. My 10 year olds at work hide in the bathroom stalls looking at Justin Bieber magazines and giggling. I CANNOT imagine them with a child.
Best baby moments: Saturday we had a truly lovely day. The babies were happy all day, we spent the day as a family, it was just one of "those" days. You know, the ones that you imagine when you are dreaming of being a parent?
Saturday night Ocean was sleeping in our bed, but Ever really only likes to sleep in her bed. She fussed and fussed and I felt guilty. So, I popped in bed with her! Our crib is from Ikea so it is smaller than a normal crib so I gingerly laid into it to make sure it wouldn't break. When Ever saw me in her bed, it was sheer joy. She smiled, shrieked, and just got super excited. Then hubby came in and could not believe his eyes. He ran for the camera and took one of my favorite photos of all time:


This is my boy. The sweetest boy ever. Have you ever seen any baby boy more handsome than this? (that's rhetorical, don't answer, and I wouldn't believe you anyway if you said that you had)


I'm going to be beating the girls off with a baseball bat in the future! Poor bubby might be single for life.