Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WTF Wednesday

I do apologize for never getting around to WTF Wednesday last week. I was in too sappy of a mood that my babies are halfway to being a whole year old and they have survived 6 months of having this for a mama:

It's a miracle!!

- I did watch 16 and Pregnant. I couldn't help myself. Was that episode a joke? The marriage, the kids attempting to purchase a barn to live in, the race cars, it was just really kind of mean. Also sad because the mom said she had told her daughter all about birth control and even provided condoms for them. I would be pissed! I did think it was a good thing that this parent laid down the law that she will not be raising her grandchild. I also thought it was funny when she was getting upset because her husband (that doesn't sound right when discussing 16 year olds) wanted to make more money but she said she couldn't stay up all night and then go to school or she wouldn't finish. Welcome to parenthood sweetheart! When you're a real grown up you do have to stay up all night, get up and go to work all day so that you can pay your bills and still have to clean your house and buy your food (I would know, it happens to me everyday).

On last night's 16 and Pregnant it was pretty typical. Girl and boy get pregnant, boy isn't ready and messes around with his friends, girl ends up doing everything herself.

- The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is pretty good. I still can't get over all the plastic surgery.
CONFESSION: I have always wanted a nose job. And by always, I seriously mean I started thinking about it in the 3rd grade. Multiple attempts at wishing for a smaller nose or clipping it up with a clothes pin didn't work so I began planning for my nose job. I'm 26 now and still haven't done it so I don't think it's gonna happen.

Anyway, I'm not so sure about Camille Grammar. She seems to like to get on other people's men. Good thing this wasn't Real Housewives of New Jersey because if she had been talking about her boobs to all the other wives husbands at the pool in Jersey she would be missing some hair! Her dancing was extra special at the club too. I LOVE Lisa, she is my fave for sure.

- I LOVE the RH of Atlanta. They are just funny, nothing too serious on that show. I like to just be able to laugh and NeNe is awesome! I do have to point out something I thought was odd. There is a new housewife, Phaedra, (who isn't really a housewife, she's a lawyer, which is cool) and she is snotty with a capital S. Her hubby is biracial and she made a comment that since he grew up in a white household he didn't have good taste and lived off of canned food and she is trying to make him high class like her. Now, as a white person I'm not offended and I do enjoy a good ol' fashioned can of spaghetti o's with meatball just like the next person, but can you imagine if a white person said something like that about an African American household? The person would have to apologize, the show would get cancelled and there would be an intervention. Major double standard. I'm not going to write to Bravo or anything because I really don't care that much, I'm just sayin' . . . . . . She also went on to say that she thinks of love as getting gifts and he tried to explain to her that love for him is spending time together. She didn't get it. Poor thing.

- OMG, I hope you didn't miss the special Sister Wives on Sunday. They were interviewed. The first wife, Meri, was discussing infertility and did pull on my heartstrings a bit. I know this sounds weird coming from me, but they really just seem like a nice family. The husband, Cody, is definitely different, but as hubby says, any man who would really want four wives is crazy. What will be interesting is if wifey #4 will start having children . . . . I think wifey #3 won't be able to handle that so well. I hope they don't get arrested so that there will be another season. And that would suck for their kids. Where would they all go? There is going to be a honeymoon special soon and I will certainly be watching that.

- A four'>">four year old is being sued for hitting an elderly woman accidentally while riding a bike that had training wheels on it. A four year old. Getting sued. Grown adults are suing a four year old for an accident. WHAT????? This is just a ridiculous shame. What is the four year old going to do? Turn over their tooth fairy money? Stories like these remind me why I really don't like people that much.

- An article was published discussing how hard Facebook is on the infertility community. Duh. I guess I have some confusion about why this article was even published. Are they suggesting that Facebook shouldn't allow people to post things about their families or that people should feel guilty for it? Essentially, that's what it is for. I would rather find out actual information about my friend's families than read that someone is wiping their butt or eating a cheeseburger at McDonalds. When I was going through treatments, I would hide people who were newly married because I would think they might get preggo or if I knew someone was trying. Obviously, if I already knew they were pregnant, they would get hidden. Or I just wouldn't get on. That's the issue I have with the article, it says that you can avoid people who are pregnant in real life but not on Facebook. That's just not true. You have to go to work even if all your coworkers are pregnant. You have to go to the grocery store to get food even if the check out clerk looks like she is 12 and about to pop any second. The article seems to suggest that you have to have Facebook. You don't. It's a hobby. I think it also bothers me because instead of accurately highlighting the true pain of infertility, it makes us look like whiny jerks who just want everyone to think about us and not be happy for themselves (which is exactly what people say in the comment section, don't read the comments if you are feeling sensitive). I would love to read a great article on infertility instead of something like this. I won't hold my breath though . . . Facebook can really be the devil during infertility, so the best choice would be to not get on it.
- A 10 year old in Spain gave birth. Nice. My 10 year olds at work hide in the bathroom stalls looking at Justin Bieber magazines and giggling. I CANNOT imagine them with a child.
Best baby moments: Saturday we had a truly lovely day. The babies were happy all day, we spent the day as a family, it was just one of "those" days. You know, the ones that you imagine when you are dreaming of being a parent?
Saturday night Ocean was sleeping in our bed, but Ever really only likes to sleep in her bed. She fussed and fussed and I felt guilty. So, I popped in bed with her! Our crib is from Ikea so it is smaller than a normal crib so I gingerly laid into it to make sure it wouldn't break. When Ever saw me in her bed, it was sheer joy. She smiled, shrieked, and just got super excited. Then hubby came in and could not believe his eyes. He ran for the camera and took one of my favorite photos of all time:


This is my boy. The sweetest boy ever. Have you ever seen any baby boy more handsome than this? (that's rhetorical, don't answer, and I wouldn't believe you anyway if you said that you had)


I'm going to be beating the girls off with a baseball bat in the future! Poor bubby might be single for life.


  1. LOVE this post, and the pictures - can NOT believe they are 6 months! Congrats Mama!! :-)

  2. Super cute pics, as per usual. And I DID miss Sister Wives on Sunday, dangit!!

  3. Great photos!!!! Every day photos that show the relationship we have with our kids are always best!!!
    (I don't watch reality TV, so I can't comment on any of your shows. Well, I do watch Ice Road Truckers. I guess that is reality. LOL)

  4. OH MY GOD - you're babies are super cute! Oh with you in the crib...adorable!

    Never thought about Phaedra's comment flipped around. So true! That would never get across. Hmph.

    DVR'ing the Sister Wives special tonight so I can catch up!

  5. That photo of the 3 of you at the top is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! LOVE it. And I also love that you and I indulge in the exact same guilty pleasures on TV. I think I will sob uncontrollably is Sister Wives doesn't come back for a 2nd season. Want to take bets on how long it takes Cody to knock up wifey #4? I am giving it 4 to 5 months TOPS!


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