Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mom Jeans and Other Things

Yes, you read correctly. I now wear mom jeans. I know we are almost 7 months out, but I think the deformation of my tummy is permanent. My dangler (my name for my belly skin) just doesn't look right in regular jeans. So I bought mom jeans.


1. They're mom jeans. I'm 26. Ouch.
2. They are so high up that while they cover the dangler, I have to practically lift my shirt up to my neck just to get in my pockets.
3. Did I mention that I wear mom jeans at 26?


1. They cover the dangler.
2. They are cheaper than cool jeans.
3. My butt crack never shows, which is nice for others.

I bought my third pair of mom jeans this weekend when I went on my second expedition and my first trip to the mall with the twins with NO assistance!! It went beautifully. Since Peanut insists on being crazy at all times I strapped her into the Baby Bjorn and put Oshy, who is the sweetest boy and just went with the flow into the double stroller and put the things I was going to purchase into Ever's seat. It was great! Macy's also happened to be having a kid's day so we went downstairs and Ever and I shook our tail feathers to Mr. Stinky Feet while Ocean watched.

I realized that I am now an infertile's nightmare and it made me feel a touch guilty. Ever and I dancing. Ever being super cute with a huge bow in her hair and flailing her crazy arms all over the place (she is also a thief and likes to pull stuff off of racks and carry it around). Ocean looking like the most precious boo boo ever born in the stroller, smiling at strangers, while I play peek a boo, baby talk, and mooch all over him in public. It's bad. I just can't help myself.

Speaking of infertility, while I feel much better and pregnancy announcements don't bother me and I love being around little babies, there are some safe places that I had that have startled me recently and made me a little bummed. When people ask if we are going to do treatments again I get the shivers a little bit just thinking about it. I opened a closet to get out some drugs and there was a cup with syringes in it and my stomach churned a little bit. Pregnancy talk and parent talk don't bother me, but for some reason TTC does.

Starting about a month ago on my parenting online group which I have loved and cherished for the past year, pregnancy announcements have started popping up. I love being able to chat with other moms about our kiddos, but opening up the chat to BFP announcements and titles along the lines of "I'm So Fertile" followed by wow, I have a two month old and we weren't even trying has made me stray away from that area. Then pregnancy announcements always produce the topic of discussing when someone else will start to TTC for kiddo number 3, 4, 5, etc. It's kind of a bummer, but I have other sources of entertainment. Not to mention the discussions I've been hearing online and in real life about needing to specifically try for a certain sex of baby. Blah, huge peeve.

Well . . . my very safest place with is all about parenting and pregnancy after infertility is now adding TTC to the mix. Sigh . . . . It's unrealistic to think I can just hide in a world of parenting only talk and get to just walk away from the whole TTC thing, but it was a nice thought in my mind. Oh well.

I mostly focus on the fact that my babies have become absolutely delicious! I just want to eat them up. The more they become so beautiful and animated and interactive, the less and less I think I would ever want another, which is why this TTC stomach flip flopping uncomfortableness is confusing for me. I did tell hubby next time we have a baby I would do a natural birth.

That's because there isn't going to be a next time, ha ha!! Joke's on daddy . . . . .



  1. I am recently pregnant after infertility. I can say that for me the pain of infertility is very present and I feel like I need people to know that this isn't just any old pregnancy (selfish, I know). Anyway, I am writing because one of the things I am doing is wearing a pomegrante colored thread bracelet which is something that the infertility community came up with. It lets other infertile's know that you too went through a tough time without having to say a word. There is more information on the stirrup queen's website:http://www.stirrup-queens.com/2006/09/history-of-infertilitys-common-thread/ I hope this helps! And, your babies are adorable!

  2. Yeah, my BFF who got PG with twins from clomid has that bit of belly she can't get rid of, too. I love that you are now admitting the mom jeans, though!

  3. Oh god...the mom jeans. I stare at my dangler too. it's getting bigger and bigger as I lose the weight...and even though I am near my pre-prego weight I am no where near fitting back into my old jeans....courtesy of the dangler. Sigh.

    Don't feel bad for being that person that infertiles hate. You traveled a long road to get here. Enjoy it!

  4. dont tell me you have given up on the belly I am only 3 months out and I had so much hope mine would go back to normal i am clinging to the phrase 9 months on 9 months off although I have no excuse you had 2 babies in there I only had 1. I like that your baby steals that makes me laugh and think of paul blart the mall cop hand cuffing your baby in the baby bjorn!

  5. My twins are 5 and I am still 40 lbs lighter than I was pre-pregnancy and cannot wear smaller jeans. Oh well. The IF label has faded so much for me, I don't think about what my kids look like to others anymore. Well, the other night we sat in a hot tub in a hotel and the twins talked the ears off 2 college aged girls from Canada. I am pretty sure we were good birth control!

    Carl was standing here and asked me, "What's that baby's name?" I said, "This is Ever and this is Ocean." and he smiled and wants to know where the water is. Awww!! (we live near the beach, so Ocean is a very dear name for him!) xoxox

  6. You do have absolutely beautiful babies! Enjoy it, soak up the joy, you have worked so hard to get to this point and we definitely have no guarantees in this life!
    I can't imagine not feeling the cringe at hearing others talk about TTC, infertility leaves such a mark its hard to not carry with us.
    Regarding the mom jeans, at least you're comfortable and maybe in time you'll be able to stash them!

  7. Aw man, I have a dangler too. It sucks. I wish it would go away, but I hate exercise and love cookies!

  8. "The Dangler" -- OMG, that is cracking me up!!!

    I could have written the rest of your post, though. THe guilt about loving on my baby in public, but not being able to help it.

    And, even though I was leading the charge... I totally get what you mean about the TTC belly flip flop. I'm sorry about that. I really want to support those that I know that are going through it... and I wouldn't want to go to a group of strangers to talk about TTC when we all know each other on the parenting board. But OTOH, I have to admit that it stresses me out a bit to read those IVF posts. I think its PTSD.

    I'm sorry about that....... I hope you don't leave the parenting board! I think I'm going to suggest that we do a monthly thread, so that the parenting board isn't completely taken over by IVF threads.

  9. My little sister loves to whip out her dangler! It's her badge of honor. You are so funny. Just for you, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror tonight, determined to take a belly pic but the flash totally was not working with the mirror. I'll get one on the blog soon...promise. Thanks for the encouragement. And, YES, those little ones are delicious.

  10. I fear I'm losing my infertile sensitivity chip. It's hard, but like Emily said, we worked hard to get here. We deserve it! I mean, dang, mommy jeans?! Haha. You complain, but you know you LOVE it! :P


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