Monday, November 8, 2010

Fortune Cookies

Hubby is not fond of Chinese food so fortune cookies aren't something I indulge in often. Most fortune cookies are pretty general and sometimes completely random, but every now and then there is one that seems to just call to me. Before hubby when I was college bound, I got a fortune cookie reading that said

"This will be the best year of your life"

I loved it, it was perfect and I was on my way. Well, it turned out to be one of the worst so nine months in I tossed it in the trash and gave it the finger once it landed.

I met hubby and he is not a Chinese food fanatic so we only have occasionally gone to eat it, mostly special occasions when I would go to PF Changs (my favorite). After the end of IUI's, I felt terrible. Just so depressed. We went to a meeting regarding adoption because I just wasn't comfortable with IVF and it's cost. We found out that adoption was even more financially devastating than IVF. I figured I would just never be a mom and I needed to get a grip on it.

Hubby took me to PF Changs for a special day to take my mind off of things. I opened my fortune cookie expecting something silly, but instead I read this

"Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"

I couldn't believe it. I can't explain it, but it made me feel different. A random little fortune cookie. I placed it on my refrigerator (I still have it) and called Dr. B for a consult. It was amazing. My consult with the old RE sucked and I had a terrible feeling after the adoption seminar. I felt different with Dr. B and we decided right away to take the plunge. One year later, I came home with these


Last week hubby and I rolled through the Panda Express drive through. I had to convince hubby it was the best thing to do and that it would be good and the babies were sleeping in the backseat, we wouldn't even have to get them out of the car!

Hubby opened his fortune cookie after we ate and it said he needed to improve upon his work out routine. I laughed. I could only imagine what mine would say.

I spent over three years worrying, obsessing, and consumed by infertility. Now the hole in my heart is filled with my two monkeys. I know that no matter what I have them, and they are what I have dreamed of since I was just a little girl. But . . . . . something has felt a little off now that I can think about the whole picture. Money, career, and the life I want to lead with the kids. Some things will have to change or maybe just evolve to accomodate my dreams. I am not so desperate in wanting these things as I was for having kids, so I thought, it would be just the silver lining or maybe the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to have everything.

I opened my fortune cookie wondering if I also needed to hit the gym like hubby but mine said

"All the rainbow's treasures will soon be yours"

Yes!! I hit the fortune cookie jackpot again!

I have been going back and forth, but I decided to sign up for classes and make the active commitment to change my future. I am officially a student again starting 2011 to supplement my bachelor's degree.

I also picked up some cash to buy a lottery ticket.

I placed the fortune on the refrigerator with my "nothing is impossible" fortune. It's silly how something little and random can change your outlook. Now that I have my babies everything else is just extra, but who wouldn't want a treasure at the end of the rainbow?


  1. I am very fond of Chinese food, if I could I would eat it every week. Well back in 2005 on new years eve my room mates and I went to Chinese, and my fortune cookie said "true love will come your way this year." Awesome I thought as there was no one in my life and my relationship of 6 years had ended in October. But sure enough 2 weeks later I called a friend from my past, and now 6 years later we are happily dating, trying for a baby, and contemplating marriage in the next year. So I would have to say fortune cookie's rock...and btw my fortune cookie is framed with our first couples photo.

  2. Love those fortunes! I still have one from PF Changs when we were doing IVF #2: You'll get what your heart desires. :)

  3. Oh my goodness! The cover of my pregnancy journal has a place where you can put in your own photograph and I slipped in a fortune cookie paper that I got during IVF#2. As for the school, you are one superwoman. It's very impressive that you are tackling an advanced degree AND something your kids will always be able to look back on to see your strength. What an awesome example. I am so proud of you and I know they will be too!

  4. If I had your fortune cookie luck, I'd buy a lottery ticket, too! Good thinking! :) You are so brave to head back into school. I'm excited for you!


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