Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WTF Wednesday

- RH of Beverly Hills. These bitches have big dollaz (that's dollars, but the gangster version)!! They showed birthday parties for their young children. One of them spent $60,000 on her four year old's birthday party. WHAT???? I might spend $600 on the twins first birthday. If you include gifts for two and gas mileage. And I did say might. The four year olds gift was her first piece of jewelry, which cost about $1500 in the form of a Barbie diamond necklace. I was a little jealous of that because I love Barbie, but really, it's crazy! Camille Grammar is officially ridiculous. She does not have a job and she had four nannies to care for her two children (I'm sorry but what was the point of having the children) and she claims to be the busiest. She is just so stressed that she needs help from a house manager. What, you might ask, is stressing her out? A trip to Hawaii. boo. freakin'. hoo.

-16 and Pregnant is sort of boring me. I did like the dad last night, he was straight to the point. I liked when he was talking to baby daddy's parents and they were talking about his college plans and the father of the mom to be said "that's nice, I really couldn't care less about him going to college." Ha ha!! The kids were engaged and going to get married, but they didn't stick with that plan. I have to say this is still so bizarre to me. I don't remember one single pregnant girl in my high school. I thought that was normal. I didn't know seeing preggo bellies in school is now a normal thing. Weird.

- RH of Atlanta had me laughing as usual. I want NeNe to be my friend. Phaedra is claiming that she is going to be induced to give birth to her son at 34 weeks. Sigh . . . . She always claims to be a Southern belle with the best of morals so obviously she got knocked up before she was married. Who cares?? It's 2010! No one needs to worry about that, especially when you are a grown woman with a good job making bank. It's just funny to see everyone's face as she tries to explain this to them and clearly no one believes it. As NeNe says "don't say that out loud so that everyone can hear how crazy you are."

- Where I work we have automatic flushing toilets, yet there is always pee pee and poo poo in them. WTF?? I don't get it! Isn't that the point of the automaticness? I think someone needs to demand a refund!

- A mom at Nerdy Apple Bottom blog has been all over the tube because there is a huge debate on why she let her boy dress up like a girl for Halloween. #1 - This is not anyone's business. Why would people care so much about this that it would make the news? #2 - It's normal. I have worked with kids since I was a kid. Boys play mommy in kitchen, boys dress up in girl clothes, boys play with hair, and yes, I have had boys that love to dress up in full princess garb. I have two straight brothers that have dressed as girls and we put full make up on them. I had triplets in my preschool that dressed as the PowerPuff girls. So what?

-You can now put a sign on your baby stroller that says not to touch it. This might offend, but I find this completely lame!! I am glad I don't have those worries as I know they are normal for a first time mom. I am a first time bio-mom, but including fosters these are my 6th and 7th children, not to mention, I work around lots of germy, snotty, stinky kids daily. They will be fine. I know there are circumstances where this is a big deal, but for most kids, germs are good. I rarely make anyone wash their hands before touching my kids unless they look visibly sick or dirty (in which case they just don't touch them). I do ask people to wash with regular soap on occasion. OR - you could grow a pair and just say "don't touch my child" or "no thank you, you may not touch my child" if you'd like to be polite instead of putting a sign on your child like they are a little animal. Peanut and boo boo are experiencing their first round of sickness and we have had several people suggest we wash their things in bleach. NO WAY! Germs are way better for their little systems than chemicals, like those found in bleach and hand sanitizers (which are full of alcohol). I personally believe kids have so many allergies and illnesses because people are too afraid of germs. Did you know people in Africa who live the rugged outdoor life do not have any allergies at all? There are bad germs, very bad ones and you should always use your best judgement but I do find bleaching everything and sanitizing people from head to toe overboard. Okay, soap box over.

Best baby moments: They are starting to babble more. Ocean is best at getting actual sounds out, but Ever is super funny when she jabber jaws with her little toothless mouth. I will try to videotape it sometime for your viewing pleasure.

Oshy's first mohawk!


Peanut's first swing! (and she looks so excited about it)



  1. Amen to overbleaching. And I agree that the kid dressing up as Daphe is no big deal but I do think the mom should have used better judgement than to put a picture of her little boy with the title "My Son is Gay" on her blog which allows for anyone to find out who he is. This kid has nothing to be ashamed of but kids can be cruel. If he is gay, fine, but it is his place to tell the world, not his mom's. (I read the post a while back so I know she was not actually asserting that - just being provocative but still).

  2. Agree with 16 and Pregnant being a bit boring this week. I wonder if it's because the family seemed half normal? :)

  3. You'll hafta post a video of your babies "talkin'" to ya! :)
    I have to say, I don't think it ever would've occurred to me to put a sign on a stroller. I'm with you - our baby is going to have to get used to being handled by a lot of people and being around a lot of animals pretty quick! I'd rather he or she was ready for the real world.


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