Friday, November 19, 2010

It Has Begun

**Welcome ICLW**
I am posting this early as a warning for those who need it: this blog is HEAVY on the baby talk and pictures. You may want to skip if that is currently hard for you. If not, this blog began over a year ago with this first post and is now primarily about life with our twins after thirty cycles of trying to conceive, eight months of Clomid, three IUI's with injectible meds, countless blood tests, antidepressants, therapy, adoption paperwork, five foster kids and finally one successful IVF!
It has begun people. The "trouble" portion of "double trouble."
This is my peanut, learning how to hold her own bottle and feed herself.
She also learned that shaking it all around causes the formula to go sprinkling on herself, her toys and the carpet.
I learned that this makes her way too excited for my own comfort. Someone at the mall came up to me and her and said "that's a lively one." I know what this means. It means that she appears to be a wild heathen. I do believe she is going to be my feisty buggar. It reminded me of a conversation I had with my mom during those wretched teenage years (one of many conversations that caused me to call and apologize after a year of college and some growing up).
My mom: "You know what, I hope you end up with 10 kids just like you."
Me: "I hope I do too, because I am f*&^ing awesome."
Karma. Uh oh.
This is my Oshy boo. Why does he look so excited?
Because he just realized how exciting it is to whack mommy's glass of water and watch it go sailing onto the floor, followed by the shattering of said glass and water all over the table, bench, floor and wall.
Ever is the alpha dog. She delights in taking everything she can from Ocean. Today, he got even. She was playing with keys and he took them from her. She was ready to put up a fight, so he literally nosed dived into this position on his belly with the keys safely tucked away from his greedy little sister.
Mmm hmm. Nice. I know a normal person would probably take some preventative measures instead of smiling and taking pictures so I am not helping myself. I am sadly one of those people that think the first trouble making is some type of milestone that needs commemorated. You should probably pray for me.


  1. They're just too adorable! I love how much you adore and enjoy them, and I can't wait to join you! :)

  2. Practice saying this... "Good thing you guys are so cute". It will take you far! (Actually, I am very lucky. Even now at age 5, mine are not fighters. They will still hold hands and hug each other much more often then they get in each other's faces. Damn, probably just jinxed myself.)

    Someone who recently met Gretchen for the first time told me, "She's a real chatterbox" and I thanked her for being so polite! LOL

  3. They're so cute! And that post cracked me up - looks like you mum is going to have a ball reminding you of what you said about wanting kids just like you - hehe. Thanks for stopping by my blog and happy ICLW!

  4. Such cuties! I stopped by for ICLW and read some of your old posts and I think your blog is awesome (plus, I'm 25 and we have something in common). I'll be following you from here on out (in a non creepy way, of course).

    ICLW #124


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