Friday, November 1, 2013

Phone Dump Friday: Halloween Party Edition

I LOVE Halloween! We had a party at our casa this year to add in an extra day of dressing up, plus I have been itching for some type of creative outlet for all the crap I pin on Pinterest.

1. I'm a zombie obsessed freak since Walking Dead came out and it turned out to be an amazing show. I found this pack of zombie's at the dollar store and knew they would be perfect for eating the brains of my romantic couple dancing in the dining room. They are flanked by a pack of Martha Stewart bat cut outs.

Me: Look husband, it doesn't pay to be romantic during the zombie apocalypse.
Hubby: That's my woman, a few french fries short of a happy meal.
Ocean: Those are yucky mommy's.

2. I put some skeleton twins in the bathtub covered in a cobweb bath with bath toys. I told the twins to go into the bathroom and see who was having a bath in their tub. They thought it was hilarious. They told lots of people "hey, go into our bath and see who is in there." Some kids were scared though. Oops!

3. Evil donuts! This was so easy, two dozen pumpkin donuts from Dunkin, frosting eyes and the .99 vampire teeth from Walmart. The teeth were busting the donuts open so I ended up cutting them in half and then putting them in the donuts and worked much better.

4. Dirt cake graveyard. The dirt cake is so good, it tastes like mousse because it's not just pudding, but butter, cream cheese, and powdered sugar as well. I wrote RIP in frosting on english tea cookies, threw in some ghost peeps and plastic skeletons and it was a big hit. It was definitely all eaten  by the time everyone went home.