About Us

I am Ashley!


About a year into college, I met my future husband.


We were set up on a date when I was 19. We did not like each other that much. I was also going to work in New York at an outdoor girls camp for the summer and didn't want to be long distancing a relationship.

I got back from New York and went to a barbecue. My future husband was there. At this barbecue I decided that I had to date him. HAD TO! He wasn't interested. I don't give up easily.

Once he decided to date me, he of course fell in love with me (ha).

We bought a house and dated for a few years. About three and a half years in he proposed to me on Spring Break in San Diego.


We got hitched a little over four years in, on June 2nd, 2007.


My future husband shall now be known as Hubby.

Hubby and I knew we wanted babies, lots o'babies. We tried our hardest to hold off until the wedding on trying for babies, but we caved and started trying a few months before. I had been to the doctor and checked out in perfect health. We could not wait to have our first baby.

"Tough shit," said the Universe. And we waited a long time.

We went to doctors and doctors and cried and whined and were angry and spent tons of money trying to have a baby. I had shots in the stomach and butt and things shoved up my lovely trying to have a baby. You can read the gory details here.


After 30 cycles of trying to get pregnant, $22,000, and 12 medically assisted cycles, we got knocked up, times two!

both babies


On April 22nd, 2010, we welcomed Osh and Peanut into the world!


By a big, unexpected surprise, we became pregnant in April! This baby came from us having sex. Can you believe that? I thought such a thing was just a myth.

On December 15th, we welcomed our Butterball into the world!


And then we lived insanely unorganized chaotically emotionally madly in love fun all the time hysterically HAPPILY ever after . . . . . . .