Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pinterest Problems

I'm addicted. I wish I wasn't.

I feel compelled to share with you the Pinterest projects I've done in the last week. I'm doing this just to convince myself my pinning isn't senseless. Sometimes I do stuff.

I have a ton of old summer camp shirts at home and as a new gym rat, I thought these would be cuter. I really like the one that I made. I didn't do the higher up in the front thing though because of the dangler. No one wants to see a dangly stretchy skin mess hanging out in front of a shirt. No.

Super yummy and I didn't even have all the ingredients. Even Peanut ate it although it's not macaroni and cheese.

Amazingly delicious and super easy. Five stars for sure.

These were pretty good but I didn't get the oreos chopped up finely enough, then it would have been better. I tried using my blender as a food processor so I didn't have to dig the actual food processor out of the storage room, but it would have made a difference.

This was a fail. I'm not really that into red velvet cake and I just looked at the pictures so I put two big boxes of pudding in instead of two normal size boxes so the cake was floating on pudding. I still ate it though.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

This was hard. I fell down.

I don't eat at Chik Fil A anymore because I don't want my money possibly being donated to an organization that donates money to continue to discriminate gay people. That's mean and it sucks. I'm really pissed that McDonald's or Wendy's couldn't have been the offender's because hello, Chik Fil A is DELICIOUS but alas, I cannot trade my morals for chicken. So I tried these. They were really good. Not as good, but they were for sure tastier than your average homemade chicken nugget.

So there you have it. Will someone please email the hubster and tell him this is not a useless addiction after all?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

1. A rare husband and wife sighting! We almost always take pics of the kids or us with the kids, but just us? Never! Except for now!

2. My two dancing princesses. It's so 2013 to let your son dress in drag.

3. My little princess girl. It's so 1965 to adore a little lady who loves pink and princess gowns, but I do. I adore it! She gets so excited when she puts on her princess costumes, twirling and smiling. She earned this little number as her final "I'm officially potty trained" incentive.

4. I wake up to this every morning. I'm not kidding. He is just the sweetest, happy little lover even from the start of the day. That makes us two for five on morning people in the house (the twins and myself are morning haters).

5. This is Peanut's version of ET. I know I might be crazy mom here but I think this is truly amazing. It for reals looks like ET, kind of, but it's definitely on point for a two, almost three year old. I think she might be a genius. Or at least a really good artist. They are usually genius' too right?

6. Me and the Butterball. He is happy because Mommy is home. I am happy because I get to hold him AND I just returned from an afternoon of shopping with a friend followed by a delicious fatty meal of pasta and a giant cookie accompanied by a large glass of sangria. It was white wine, triple sec, peach schnapps and fruit juice. Shut up. It was the tastiest thing to ever hit this mama's nearly 12 month sober taste buds.

P.S. I am SO sorry for my lack of commenting lately. If I even get around to blogging I feel good but then I can read and rarely comment because I am reading on my little iPod. Computer time is RARE. When I get on the schedule I imagine in my ideal at home schedule there will be time, promise! I am reading though.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stay at Home Mom

In the strangest news ever, I am now I stay at home mom.

I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but I'm kinda poor, as you may now because I've mentioned it before. Not really poor, but for example, I have no cable or data plan for my cell phone or cars that have car payments, you know the drill. Why? Because the twins daycare costs more than my mortgage. Two mortgages is a lot, especially for someone like me, who is forced to have a degree for my job but I'm not rolling in dough as a result of said job.

Once you add a third kid to this mix, FORGET IT! Daycare becomes ridiculous. More ridiculous I should say.

I have wanted to be a stay at home mom forever. I really, really wanted to. The twins have been at a fun age for a long time and I've been craving extra time with them.

I am about to be really honest here. I know there are some that need sunshine shot up their rears at all times to feel like a good mom, but what you are about to hear is not going to sound like that. Judge away, I don't care.

My maternity leave sucked.

Yep. I said it. You wouldn't think adding one measly little baby to the mix would be that big of a deal, but it was. I must say that I owe SAHM's an apology for all the eye rolling I did over the last few years at them for whining about how hard it is and how you never get anything done and what a tragedy it is that you don't get a lunch break, etc. My time at home alone all day with the kids was hard. If I ever separated them, it was easy, I was used to the two or I could handle one little baby myself. But all of them together, SHIT! It's hard! They have different needs and wants and they all want, all the time. They want snuggles, food, butt's wiped, something cleaned and then I want food and naps and a clean house and it seems we just don't all get what we want, you know? I missed posting "Phone Dump Friday's" for two weeks in a row. Why? I didn't even know it was f&*(ing Friday!

I felt like such a failure, my first day back at work was lovely. I came back to compliments about how great I am so I felt like someone who can do stuff, not a loser in sweatpants with a stinky house covered in mess with feral children running around naked (that's all a true story, a scary true story). It was really nice. I thought even though after daycare I would make $10 a month working felt way better. People asked if it was so hard dropping them off to come back to work and honestly, no, it wasn't hard.

And then it didn't work out that well either. We only have one car that fits all of our kids in it so we had to play swap the cars game every morning. It's like a real life version of Tetris. There aren't many affordable places that had room for three kids. Even though my work hours were nice, the kids were so tired at the end of the day, we weren't eating the nice home cooked meals I had been making and mornings were running like crazy. The twins got used to me being with them all day and they seemed bummed at the end of the day. My second day of work I woke up next to the Butterball and he smiled and I felt like I wanted to be with him all day long. We had issues with figuring out how we were going to swap cars and get everyone everywhere and home at a decent time. I started contracting some type of illness going around my workplace and thought of how we were going to get back on the path to constant illness again in my house.

I realized that this is the time and I need to be at home with my babies. I thought it was nice for a few days being at work even though I had always been strongly leaning towards staying at home. Staying at home wasn't as exciting and dreamy as  I thought so I had second guesses and felt that I'm probably just one of those moms who are the best they can be as a working mama.

But . . . . I put in my two weeks notice! I am now a stay at home mom. We will be going out of town soon and after that I am ready to commit. I want to get this house in order and get on a schedule and do it in a more sane manner. Get ready to want to slap me . . . the Butterball is now sleeping through the night so it should be easier. That coincided with me returning to work and it has been lovely! I think I have the energy to tackle it a little better.

Wish me luck folks. It's a whole new era in our house! I'm terrified. I'm excited. It's weird.