Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pinterest Problems

I'm addicted. I wish I wasn't.

I feel compelled to share with you the Pinterest projects I've done in the last week. I'm doing this just to convince myself my pinning isn't senseless. Sometimes I do stuff.

I have a ton of old summer camp shirts at home and as a new gym rat, I thought these would be cuter. I really like the one that I made. I didn't do the higher up in the front thing though because of the dangler. No one wants to see a dangly stretchy skin mess hanging out in front of a shirt. No.

Super yummy and I didn't even have all the ingredients. Even Peanut ate it although it's not macaroni and cheese.

Amazingly delicious and super easy. Five stars for sure.

These were pretty good but I didn't get the oreos chopped up finely enough, then it would have been better. I tried using my blender as a food processor so I didn't have to dig the actual food processor out of the storage room, but it would have made a difference.

This was a fail. I'm not really that into red velvet cake and I just looked at the pictures so I put two big boxes of pudding in instead of two normal size boxes so the cake was floating on pudding. I still ate it though.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

This was hard. I fell down.

I don't eat at Chik Fil A anymore because I don't want my money possibly being donated to an organization that donates money to continue to discriminate gay people. That's mean and it sucks. I'm really pissed that McDonald's or Wendy's couldn't have been the offender's because hello, Chik Fil A is DELICIOUS but alas, I cannot trade my morals for chicken. So I tried these. They were really good. Not as good, but they were for sure tastier than your average homemade chicken nugget.

So there you have it. Will someone please email the hubster and tell him this is not a useless addiction after all?


  1. I love this. I have the same problem, I mean benefit of going through Pinterest. And since I added the phone app, and I use it while nursing, it's worse. But I do find good stuff, and I do do things from it!;)

  2. OMG. I've made that peanut butter recipe a few times before. It's amazing. I can't make it anymore - I would eat the entire thing myself!

  3. LOVE it!! Anytime I do something particularly genius I make sure that my hubby knows it came from Pinterest... He is now pretty much convinced that it's the best website out there :). I just made liquid soap and I use a lot of cleaning tips from there. And I totally can't be trusted to make dessert recipes from there unless I have somewhere to go.

  4. I have not joined interest because I know I would waste too much time. I have way too many of my own projects I want to do that I don't need more inspiration. Lol... but, my birthday cake that I always always have is that pudding poke cake. Not red velvet white cake with pistachio pudding topping. Mmmm.... cake!

  5. I love pinterest also!!! Hubby doesn't understand either and I have had more success projects than "nailed it" projects LOL :) Keep enjoying making awesome stuff!

  6. Thanks for the motivation!! I finally made something from Pinterest as well. :) Changed it a little but the idea was from there. Keep posting and hopefully i find some more motivation as well.


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