Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

1. My kids have a stuffed animal obsession. I don't get it and have never liked the things, but they LOVE them. They call them their friends. We never leave the house without a "friend" of some sort. A big part of their day right now consists of them moving their huge box of their "friends" from room to room, unloading them, arranging them just so, and then packing them up to do it again. It's weird. You can see their rolling box of "friends" takes up half of a queen sized bed.

2. This is what it was like to travel with three children under three. Bags, carseats, carry ons, it was nuts!

3. My little angel. He is literally as sweet as he looks.

4. We went out of town to a wedding and the children felt quite fancy with themselves getting to dress up, Peanut got her toes done and hair curled, Osh wore a tie and the big deal, they got to drink water out of wine glasses and sparkling cider out of champagne flutes. Osh would only take one sip at a time as long as we said "cheers" first. No cheers=no drinks from the champagne flutes. It was pretty cute.

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