Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

1. My sweetest little Butterball turned 4 months old this week. Yes, he is the cutest baby in the whole wide world. He is also super human baby who can roll over, lift his head up and scoot around! A mobile just turned 4 month old? That is correct! I love him so much. While I was pregnant I was excited for him, but I really didn't believe that I could love anyone as much as the twins. But I do. He's delicious in every way.

2. When I thought of being a parent, I knew all the things I wanted to be a part of in a child's life. The big things, like learning to crawl and then walk, the first words, going to school, graduations, weddings, everything! One of the little things that I was so excited about that I did for the first time was get a pedicure with my daughter! She sat on my lap and dipped her tiny toes in my water and the woman doing my pedicure did the same things to her. We got our toe nails painted in matching hot pink color. There was a mom sitting next to me with her teenage daughter and instead of doing the usual mom thing of wishing back the newborn days I was so excited to look into our future at all the things we would do together, one of which being trips to the nail salon. I know it's not earth shattering, but it was definitely a full circle moment for me.

3. Peanut is obsessed with mommying since the baby arrived. Okay, not at first, but after a few weeks she became obsessed with mommying and our baby. She loves the Butterball! She follows me around with her baby doll and jostles the baby around like I do to my baby, she walks around and feeds him and sometimes even breast feeds her baby doll. It's adorable.

4. We went to one of those trampoline places. Have you heard of them? They are popping up all over but there are huge, gigantic trampolines everywhere. I had way more fun than an adult should and the twins loved it because they are obsessed with jumping.

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  1. I can't wait for more pedis with my daughter as well!! So fun.


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