Monday, April 22, 2013

My Babies are 3

THREE!!!!! How did the time go by so fast? I feel like they were just born, but also like they have been here forever and I never had a life before them.

My little lovies when they were first born. That was such a surreal experience (by surreal read: I had no idea what on earth had just happened to me). They were so little and smooshy at 5 and 6 lbs. I couldn't believe they were here.

 photo 59bab6fb-430b-4dfe-98fe-35f90c21-1.jpg

 photo 2.jpg

Their one year old birthday.

 photo cake090.jpg

 photo parkfebruary041.jpg

This was so special because I felt like I had it finally figured out, they were sleeping more and developing big personalities. They weren't walking well yet. I was so into their party and it seemed like such a huge milestone, one year!!

Two Years Old



And now, THREE!!

kids bday portraits 041

kids bday portraits 068

kids bday portraits 087

Three has been a crazy birthday. My babies aren't really babies or toddlers. They are preschoolers. They are people now. I know they were always people, but they're like real people. They have opinions and they want to know about everything and they go to the bathroom in the toilet and want to get themselves dressed and be part of our conversations. It is so odd to have had little smooshy babies and now they are people. The big job of raising good people in the world has begun.

We celebrated with a birthday party with friends at a jump jump place and then had family over for dinner afterward. It was really nice.

I love these two monkeys. The monkeys who made me a mama are three. Wow.


This was of course a pinterest find and a big hit!


  1. I remember reading about your IVF with them and how you were so lucky to have both embies stick. Time flies! Happy 3rd Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Oshy and Peanut!!! (I remember your kids birthday before some of my family and friends, lol!) They are seriously so frigging adorable! xoxo

  3. They're gorgeous <3 My twins turn 10 next month. It goes so fast.

  4. I can't believe they are already 3, too. That is quite a cake! Happy Birthday Monkeys!

  5. Oh my goodness how gorgeous are they?
    I remember when you were pregnant and now they are three and beautiful and handsome and rocking those smiles. Happy birthday to them ;)

  6. I can't even believe they are 3! I started following your blog right before they were born. And oh my goodness they look so grown up! Beautiful children! Happy (belated) Birthday!


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