Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

1. A rare husband and wife sighting! We almost always take pics of the kids or us with the kids, but just us? Never! Except for now!

2. My two dancing princesses. It's so 2013 to let your son dress in drag.

3. My little princess girl. It's so 1965 to adore a little lady who loves pink and princess gowns, but I do. I adore it! She gets so excited when she puts on her princess costumes, twirling and smiling. She earned this little number as her final "I'm officially potty trained" incentive.

4. I wake up to this every morning. I'm not kidding. He is just the sweetest, happy little lover even from the start of the day. That makes us two for five on morning people in the house (the twins and myself are morning haters).

5. This is Peanut's version of ET. I know I might be crazy mom here but I think this is truly amazing. It for reals looks like ET, kind of, but it's definitely on point for a two, almost three year old. I think she might be a genius. Or at least a really good artist. They are usually genius' too right?

6. Me and the Butterball. He is happy because Mommy is home. I am happy because I get to hold him AND I just returned from an afternoon of shopping with a friend followed by a delicious fatty meal of pasta and a giant cookie accompanied by a large glass of sangria. It was white wine, triple sec, peach schnapps and fruit juice. Shut up. It was the tastiest thing to ever hit this mama's nearly 12 month sober taste buds.

P.S. I am SO sorry for my lack of commenting lately. If I even get around to blogging I feel good but then I can read and rarely comment because I am reading on my little iPod. Computer time is RARE. When I get on the schedule I imagine in my ideal at home schedule there will be time, promise! I am reading though.


  1. Goodness that Butterball has grown! And, man, he is the spitting image of his big bro!

  2. Beautiful pictures of everyone! Congrats on your decision to stay home, love your real perspective of it :-)

  3. These are awesome! And yes, Peanut's ET = Genius!

  4. So much squishy Butterball goodness! He's so frickin' adorable!
    I can lose hours of my life on Pinterest. Then hours more trying to copy everything.


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