Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Got a hobby (in the form of children)!!

I've been trying to think what I can do with the next few weeks to take up my time and keep my mind off of this nonsense before I lose my marbles for good. My foster agency took care of that this evening by adding two new additions to my household! Yay! They are sweet little things who are safely tucked in bed. I have already checked on them twice and plan on doing so a few more times. I will certainly be purchasing a baby monitor in the morning. I have also been scouring Craig's List for a good crib to purchase in the morning because the little one is in a pack and play tonight. I also need a carseat for the little guy, I have one for the 4 year old. Holy cow, there are kids downstairs!!

So, we were having a comfy dinner with my family who so kindly cared for my furbaby, Rocky, while we were out of town. Last night I was in a Lupron coma so I didn't have the will to go get him. My cell phone rings and it is the agency, they have two kiddos, they will drop them off tonight!! Holy shit! We hauled ass back into town, went to Target and bought pjs, toys, diapers, bottles, cups, food and any random thing I felt we needed. I got home, set up the pack and play, did dishes, unloaded toys, and cleaned up a little here and there. Last run we had teenagers, so what we have left over from them is the Twilight series of books, tampons, and a pile of clothes they didn't need anymore, so basically nothing of any use for the newbies. At least we will be covered for a wide range of kids!

Even though we only had 30 minutes from the time we got home until the social worker came to drop them off, I paced and paced around the house. Hubby says he "just can't wait" to spend a long nine months with me. Good point. I truly hope we get that opportunity! I'm so excited to wake up tomorrow morning and have something else to look forward to other than just another day X-ed off the calendar to see if this IVF cycle will be the blessing we've been waiting two and a half years for!


  1. What a wonderful distraction!

  2. How exciting! Babies in da house! Doesn't get any better! :)


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