Friday, August 14, 2009

ER is Coming Up!!

My morning scan went beautifully! I was so excited to know that I had many follicles and that we will be able to do egg retrieval next week either Wednesday or Thursday. The IVF coordinator also said that I have a lining that is made for twins. Woo hoo, that's what I'm talking about!

I hate to have been negative, but with every treatment I have had they have given me excellent chances only for it to have been a mess. First they told me I didn't even need Clomid, but when I took it they knew it would do the trick. Instead, I didn't even ovulate a few times and my progesterone levels were up and down. When I went in for IUI's with injectables, they said it would be no big deal, everything looked marvelous. My follicles were either abundant or slow to grow, my estradiol levels were everywhere and I always got my period before my beta (pregnancy) test could even happen. When the new doctors gave me the highest chances of success, not only did it not mean much, I figured this would probably be a disaster. It is shocking (in a great way) that this has all gone amazingly well. My estradiol numbers are perfect and we'll get to do the egg retrieval sooner than they thought we would, which is awesome. I'm so excited, it seems unreal that it will actually be going down next week. That means in a little over a week, if everything goes well, I will get to meet my little embryos!! I can't wait!


  1. So far, so good! Had to come on and see if you had an update for us...thinking of you...Lori :-)...

  2. YAY for a rapidly approaching ER. I will keep everything crossed for you!

  3. Am holding both thumbs that it will work out for you!


    Happy SITs Saturday Sharefest!


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