Friday, August 21, 2009

Lucky Number 7?

After a painful wait of two hours later than yesterday, the embryologist called and said that all 8 of the embryos divided. There is one little guy that isn't looking so good, so more than likely we have 7 strong embryos at this point. 7 is lucky, so that's perfect right? Okay, I'm grasping at straws. I get so excited each day that we get closer. I am really hoping they all make it to Monday and that they are all Grade A perfect. Again, pulling at the straws. If all goes well (knocking vigorously on wood), I will be preggo on Monday at 11:00 a.m. after my transfer.

I am in a decent amount of pain today. I just took prenatals, Metformin, baby aspirin, another steroid, started a new course of antibiotics, downed a pain killer and am about to embark on the first PIO injection. The booty shot. I have been dreading this bad boy and begged to be put on Endometrin or Prometrium, but I was denied. I don't know how it could be worse than anything else though. GQ said that if I bit my fingers while I get a shot it will hurt worse and I won't think about it. I'm still astounded by his wisdom. If it wasn't for the morning cologne sniff I have to do before he goes to Kindergarten, I might have nick named him Ghandi.

Speaking of antibiotics, Little Bub was so sick last night we all went to the ER. It was so strange. Holding his little body that was hot with fever and his big blue eyes looking at me, like he was begging me to help him. But I couldn't do anything but sit there and wait for our name to be called. Even though everyone in the hospital knew I am foster mom, they all called me mom, which was music to my ears. When he was clinging on me when strangers were coming in to help him, I just wanted to protect him. I am hoping with all my hopes that this IVF will be what we needed to build our family, but this experience with these children has shown me that I will be satisfied with building our family through adoption as well.

2 fert reports down, 2 more to go before embryo transfer!

I will leave you with a quality piece of 18 month old art. His teacher just might have helped him, but probably not since he is amazing and perfect. :)


  1. LOL Ashley, thankyou for the comment on my blog.

    A sprog is a baby!!!


  2. Welcome to ICLW!! I'm sure you'll love it - its really great to get new readers to your blog (like me!).

    7 fertilized is good news! I hope those little embies keep growing and you have a good (and uneventful) transfer Monday.

    I hope the little Bub is feeling better, poor thing! Nothing breaks your heart more than a sick kid.

  3. Hello New ICLWer....Well seven is such a beautiful number...Hope you meet your embies soon, and they stick!

    Sending you a deluge of positive vibes!


  4. I like 7s a lot so I would probably feel the same with your fert report! All the best!!!


  5. Praying for you!!! LUCKY 7'S BABY! :-)

    Cutest Alligator ever! I'm homeschooling A starting next week, letter of the week is A. Hmm... I might have my craft project now! lol

  6. Congrats on your great fert report!! We had exactly the same number -- I'm pulling for your lucky seven!

  7. Congrats on the amazing retrieval and successful fertilizations! You rock!

    You're a natural mom, I'm so envious of your ease with children. I think it'll be a learning process for me, and I just love reading about your experiences with your sweet boys!

    How many embryos do you think you'll transfer? What do the different grades mean? Keepin' my fingers crossed for ya'll! Please let us know how the transfer goes!


    7 is a nice number! I say you grasp at every straw you get your eyes on! And hold on to them and NEVER let them go! Your attitude is amazing, I love it!

    I hope Bub is feeling better and GC continues with his wisdom.

    Sending you SO much positive JUJU for your transfer! Good luck!

  9. congrats on the 7 embies so far and good luck with the ET. we just did IVF #2 in may/june and we are now 14 weeks pg:)


  10. Seven sounds like a great number! Healing vibes to Bub.


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