Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let the Paranoia Begin

Goodbye hope! It was nice knowing you for this short time!

Starting yesterday morning around 4 a.m. I began cramping. And not a little cramping, definitely AF cramping. The IVF coordinator says not to worry, blah blah blah, cramping and bleeding is normal for pregnancy. Thanks a lot, cramping and bleeding is also normal for my fucking PERIOD! Other than not being able to sleep through the night and waking up so sweaty I have to get a hair tie, I feel like I always do when AF is coming. Normally my AF cramps start in my back a week in advance, but I'm not having back pain. See what I'm doing? I've partially convinced myself it's done and over and partially convinced myself I still have a chance. My horoscope said yesterday that my new found optimism is dwindling, but will be back soon. Yep, that's how nutty I am. I can't trust myself, so I need to trust the random generic horoscopes that pop up on the internet.

I told my hubby of my paranoia this morning, but he is used to it. I told him they're trying to escape!! He kissed my belly and told the babies to stay in there, it's a good home, they will get to eat lots of Oreos and Little Debbies. Mmmm, I do think an Oreo breakfast is what I need this morning.

And a valium.


  1. The 2WW is such a crazy making time. I hope the days until your beta fly by and you get the best possible news that day!


  2. Hang in there! The 2WW is awful, and makes us all into paranoid, kooky people. But, the timing is right for implantation, so maybe that's what's going on!! Have an oreo for me!

  3. I had cramping starting at 3DPO... and I'm pregnant ;-). Don't count yourself out yet. I know a lot of pregnant women who had a lot of cramping and were convinced AF was about to make her appearance.


  4. Aww, LOL! I know exactly how you feel..."try" not to freak out too much! And be glad you have the cutest DH ever ;-)

  5. Oh, sorry about your waking up to that. I do have friends who experienced the implantation cramping and also some bleeding and were pregnant from injectibles and also IVF. It is so hard when so many of the darn symptoms are similar to AF. Hoping for the best...hugs and baby dust...Lori...

  6. Hang in there. I know many IVF friends who thought it didn't work when they were cramping and it turned out to be implantation cramping. I know it's so hard not to give up hope during the 2ww but hang in there and I'll be hoping you get good news!!!

    Christine (ResolveBB)

  7. I can't imagine how much harder the 2WW is after IVF! I'm so sorry it's so hard. I hope you get good news soon!

  8. I just love the necklace! Sending good vibes your way for an awesome Tuesday!


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