Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Embies

Dear Embies,

You are the two most beautiful and amazing things I've ever seen in my whole life. A combination of Mommy and Daddy that we have never seen before, and most people never get to. One of you even moved a little bit on the screen! We have waited so long and you have given us so much hope as we waited each day to hear how you were doing and you turned out nearly perfect. I charged up the camera the night before and it was even more important than my valium because I knew I would want to have this forever. While you were being put where you belong, Mommy and Daddy were holding hands and smiling. Grandma was there too! Every night that I went to bed before I met you, I thought of you and told you that I love you and can't wait to see you.

So many people have been thinking of you for the last 5 days. Now that you are safe with us we couldn't be happier. Daddy has already given you tons of whispers and kisses even though you haven't been "home" for even 24 hours. If you decide to burrow in and stay with us for the long haul, we promise it will be worth it. We already have so many dreams of watching you get bigger, feeling you, naming you, experiencing your personalities and having a great life with you. We love you and will be thinking about you and hoping that you decide to move in permanently!


Mommy and Daddy


  1. What a sweet letter! I'm keepin' my fingers crossed for you all!

    Did they freeze the other embies?

  2. What a beautiful letter. I got goosebumps reading it.

    C'mon embabies, snuggle up!!!

  3. Hi Ashley! Happy ICLW, and thank you for stopping by my blog!

    May I just say that your embabies are gorgeous? =) I think you have a *huge* chance at success!

    Take care of yourself these next few days. I'll be checking in to see how everything turned out!

  4. **sniff sniff** Those embies would have to be out of their microscopic little minds not to take such a fantastic offer! Sending babydust.

  5. Hi Ashley...such a sweet, sweet letter to your precious (adorable!) embies:)...It brought tears to my eyes as I remember the ones I wrote in a journal along with a photo too:)...it is quite something to think that you are looking at future children part you part DH...may they burrow in and make themselves very comfortable:)...hugs and best wishes...Lori...


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