Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Survived

Today was ER and it went really well. It helped that the morning consisted of a regular day of waking up kids, getting fed and dropping off at school. I got nervous on the ride down. Hubby said he wasn't nervous at all, but I did notice that his undershirt was on backwards, so I'm pretty sure he's full of shit. You may not know this, but in the surgery area of the hospital they now give you a pager that is the same as you get as Chili's. Except instead of hearing the buzz of joy because now you get to eat boneless buffalo wings, you get called to the back to strip down naked, put on a dead sexy gown, and sign 20 papers.

The best part of the day was that everyone helping me out thought I was a donor!! Yes, an egg donor. Apparently 25 is the youngest they've seen of an actual IVF patient. Not only 25, but in my glasses and no makeup I look no different than I did at 15, so maybe that was the kicker. I explained that these eggs are MINE to use for my babies. Because this was also shocking, I told them I was a foster parent and also that my career involves children so no worries, this ain't my first rodeo. This seemed to have appeased the OR nurse who was getting annoying.

Before I went in my RE came to see me. Have I ever told you that I love her? She is really sweet and never treats this like any old medical thing. She knows this is a big deal that involves babies and that it's emotional. The only time I almost got emotional was when I saw the embryologist walk through. I don't know, but seeing him made me tear up. He was going to be making my babies in just a few hours. I was scared then because I had no idea how this would turn out.

Anesthesia is the most beautiful thing I've experienced in my life. I was just laying in the OR with my feet in stirrups, nurses wiping down my vijay and talking about what they're going to buy at Home Depot when they get off of work for one minute and then BAM, I was awake and the deed was done. I didn't barf or anything so that was cool.

Finally, hubby rounded the corner with the news I was waiting for. 20 EGGS!!!!!! Yay, I was so thrilled. I asked a bunch of questions that probably didn't make sense, but all I could get out of it was 20 eggs. The average, she said, is 12.

Tomorrow is even more important: the fertilization report! How many of my little guys are growing? I will leave you hanging with suspense on that note . . . . .
Above is a photo of me post ER, happy as a clam, holding my ginormous pad that I expertly placed into my small Victoria's Secret thong. :)


  1. Good luck to your little zygotes! Grow, grow! You have given yourself great odds with your nearly two dozen eggs!

  2. So happy it went well! Fertilize eggies! Fertilize!

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  4. That's awesome! Good job, future Mommy-To-Be:)and you look adorable...young, yes, but adorable...I am so glad things went so well today. Looking forward to the next update!...hugs, Lori & Rachel...


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