Friday, August 27, 2010

200th Post!

In honor of my 200th post, I have found my top ten faves for your reading pleasure. Here they are, in the order in which they have appeared:

1. Making Babies is Hard for Some of Us - This was my very first post ever in bloggy land. Blogging has been the best therapy ever.

2. Lupron Fun - Seriously, is there anything worse than lupron? I remember throwing hubby's suitcase out on the front lawn before he left for a business trip. Seriously, talk about WTF?

3. The Wisdom of a 5 Year Old - This post makes me laugh. I really miss those two little foster babies and still feel lucky that I ever got to have them with me for the time I did.

4. Dear Embies - I'm seriously crying right now. When I walked in hopped up on valium, I didn't know how emotional I would get just looking at two little masses of cells. And yes, for those of you who might be new here, my mom watched me get pregnant. Weird, right?

5. Double Trouble - Our first ultrasound where we saw the twins. I'm crying again dammit.

6. In The Land of Fertiles - This post still cracks me up. I have learned that you lose your mind a little bit, but in my opinion, I've stayed much more sane than I might have thought. I have made friends with many of them, but at the same time, just hearing some of the things other moms say, I felt like I hopped on the crazy train.

7. Not For You Miss Ashley - This is the reason why I will never make a good poster child for teen pregnancy prevention, the message of an infertile isn't very good for trying to prevent accidental pregnancies. What does work? Showing teenagers my twin skin, stretch marks and deformed belly button. And yes, I have done that and although I should be ashamed, I take sick pleasure in the look of horror on their faces.

8. A Name and A Face - Everyone told me when I first saw those flickering heartbeats I would cry like a baby. I didn't. I went to ultrasound after ultrasound and never cried. I thought there was probably something wrong with me. But I cried at this one. It was the first time I saw their faces. It was amazing, so amazing.

9. The Good Thing About Infertility - Everyday of being pregnant was so terrifying. I know that's a bad thing to say, but if you are really involved in the world of infertility you have seen so many sad stories about unimaginable losses. I kept my Baby Beat all the way until after they were born and safely at home in our house. This day was different. I felt like I had won the lottery in life and was the most thankful person for everything I had.

10. My Beauties - Again, I'm crying. What the eff is wrong with me tonight? Anyway, the big event, what all this writing was leading up to! It's funny to read this and how short and sweet I kept the story of that day. Someday I will post the truth about it. The medical aspects anyway. Having kids is the most amazing thing. Not the birth part, but the actual holding of a child(ren) that is yours. It's crazy.

I hope you enjoy looking back if you get the time! It's been a crazy year, that's for sure.

Right now babies are spending the night with grandma, so you guessed it, I'm going to bed now and SLEEPING ALL NIGHT LONG!!! They were already gone when I got home from work so I had to hunt them down to give night night kisses, I just couldn't leave from the morning and not see them until tomorrow!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Now you have me in tears! Not from rereading your posts but from just your descriptions here:)...My post on Wednesday was my 200th too! I never thought of something this creative though! What a great idea. Love your blog, Lori

  2. I have spent all day wlaking down memory lane with you. I'd bop over to the computer and read one post, then go play a game with Gretchen, read another and then read with Carl. It was fun to include you all day!
    Thanks for pulling up your favs.

  3. Hi Ashley you don't know me but I found your blog and have read it from top to bottom, and am super excited for your and your hubby and your adorable twins. I just started a TTC blog and was wondering if I could copy the first paragraphs of your first post since you so eloquently wrote exactly what I felt? I will of course like it to your blog.

    Is that ok with you?



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