Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WTF Wednesday

- A flight attendant for Jet Blue got really pissed at a customer, said expletives over the PA system, grabbed some beer, and then exited on the emergency runway. He is now a hero to many people and has thousands of Facebook friends and obviously doesn't have a job. Maybe I have just been unlucky, but I rarely have had a good flight attendant. They're really honestly pretty rude on a regular basis. I admit this is interesting and it would be a fun way to quit a job that sucks, but a hero? Really? I find that a little sad that he is now an American hero.

- Sprint is coming out with a cell phone that has a kickstand. People are officially so lazy that we need kickstands to hold up something that fits in the palm of your hand or could even lay on a desk or table.

- The Bachelor Pad. Has anyone been watching this? It is downright dirty stuff. These people will do anything for the money and they are hooking up like rabid animals. The girls are crying all the time. This week it was funny because in order to win the date the women had to do a pie eating contest. Since the girls are around a size 2 some of them starting throwing up after what would be a regular slice of pie. The reason this gets a WTF because I am ashamed to say I LOVE IT!!!

- Teen Mom has been interesting the last few weeks. The one couple who abuses each other on television (why hasn't social services been called yet??) got engaged for the third time last week while Amber argued with the poor guy about how he should propose to her. Farrah continues to act like a complete a#$%. She has always treated her parents terribly and it is gross. She needs to start thinking about what her daughter is going to act like when she gets older. I like the other two and nothing much interesting going on with them. I wonder how long this series will go on? I'm feeling like it is going to need some more action soon.

- Another flight attendant made the news by removing a child from a parent who slapped the child. Apparently the mother slapped the child across the face and told her to shut up. The flight attendant took the child from the mother and police met them at the airport when they landed. I am not a fan of spanking, and I truly cannot tolerate public spanking. Plus, the little girl is only one years old!! I know there is a serious issue these days with parents who can't discipline, but I still don't think spanking is necessary. Moms around the country were outraged because they have a right to spank and they would fight a flight attendant for attempting to take their child. WTF is wrong with people? If the only way you have to control your baby is to slap them you need to stay at home.

- A real life WTF: I took Ocean into the bathroom at JCPenney to change his diaper. A mom came in hauling her crying daughter who I would say was 5 or 6 years old. She took her in the stall and I started thinking "please don't hit your child, please don't hit your child." Thankfully she only gave her a tongue lashing. But would you like to know what it was for? Because she asked to go to the bathroom! What?? She was so "disgusted" and could not "believe" that her daughter would ask to go to the bathroom when she told her mother that she had gone before they left the house. Disgusted, she says. I saw the family shopping when I first walked in and that had been about 45 minutes ago so is it really unreasonable to think a young child would have to go to the bathroom with at least a 45 minute interval between the last time they went? Sometimes I can't stand people. I was sure to give her a dirty look when they came out and she gave me one too, which doesn't hurt my feelings because I wasn't the one being mean to my child. But I did get peed on by a smiling little Ocean. :)

Best baby moments of the week: They are getting so animated!! And the big news, EVER ROLLED OVER!! You would think it was the most amazing feat ever done by a 3 month old, but it was so exciting. She is so proud of herself she rolls over all the time. Ocean hasn't done it yet, but he has been talking and talking when you talk to him and it is cute. This was the first week I cried at work leaving them because they are getting so animated it has been much harder to work.

Little beauty:


Ocean chews on his hands all day and is not particular about chewing other hands as well. He looks like a little animal sometimes, it cracks me up!



  1. Like always, I agree with everything you said. :)

  2. I have a different take on Farrah. I agree she is totally annoying but I actually feel bad for her because I look at the woman who raised her who is a total nut case fruit loop who obviously has no connection to reality. I think she is a product of her upbringing and never learned to have normal emotions or communicate properly. I think she seems to be more normal since moving out of her moms place.

    In other news that pic of Ocean is seriously awesome.

  3. Wow! Rolling over! Awww!!! (but, sadly, now she won't be exactly where you left her if you have to jump up for something.) ~4 months old has always been my favorite age. Enjoy this adorable, snuggly phase you are about to enter!

  4. Jill - I agree with you, her mom really is crazy. Her dad seems so sweet but I think she learned more from her mom. I will admit I felt pretty bad for her with the car deal last night, that sucks. Maybe moms screw up kids more than dads??

    Great, something more for me to be paranoid about so I don't screw up the kids! :)

  5. i have not heard the story of the lady slapping her baby on a flight. I can't believe someone would slap a one year old across the face!!!!! what the hell is wrong with some people!!! I personally completely agree with the flight attendant taking the baby from her...slapping a one year old across the face sounds like child abuse to me!

  6. I love the way it looks like Ocean is posing. :)

    Ugh, I can't stand the hero status awarded to Flight Attendant #1. I believe inconveniencing over 200 passengers who couldn't get off their plane on time because he pulled the emergency gear and delayed everything (plus who knows who else had to wait for the plane and the domino effect) shows a lack of self-control, not heroism. I made the mistake of saying this in the yahoo comments and was told I must be an entitled, selfish person who agrees with the passenger who hit him with her bag. Um, no. I just don't think the reaction was proportional!

  7. Deanna - You are brave to post in the Yahoo section, those are VICIOUS!! I think it's kind of funny, but I think of a hero as someone in the service or the pilot who saved everyone's life landing in the river, not some dude who very dramatically quit his job.

  8. As always, I love your WTF Wednesdays.


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