Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WTF Wednesday

- Giselle Bundchen, a supermodel, believes she is now the expert on parenting because she had natural childbirth and breastfeeds. Giselle made a comment that has outraged women beyond belief. She believes they should have a worldwide law that all women should have to breastfeed and she can't believe that any mother would give their child chemicals (formula). After the insane amount of backlash, she issued an apology. Who gives a crap what Giselle thinks? I formula feed and I really don't need an apology because I don't give a shit about Giselle or breastfeeding. This is a double WTF - Giselle making a really stupid comment and the fact that people care. There will never be a law like that and no one should lose sleep over a supermodels opinion who has one child with a man who was in a relationship with a pregnant woman when they started dating. She doesn't exactly set my compass for how I should raise my kids.

- A judge in California rules that Proposition 8 (ban on gay marriage) is unconstitutional. One word: Duh. Denying someone equal rights is unconstitutional. The fact that everyone doesn't know this and tax dollars are being spent on this is a huge WTF.

- Rod Stewart to be a dad at 65 for the sixth time. Aren't men lucky? Women who get pregnant after 35 are considered a "geriatric" pregnancy and this dude is having a baby at 65 (almost 20 years older than my babies grandma). Must be nice . . . .

- Lawsuits. I'm sick of reading about them and hearing about them. People sue other people for the most ridiculous nonsense. I wish the government would put a cap on what other people can sue people for so maybe people will stop being so lawsuit happy.

I don't really have anything else. I am going to admit that I am unnaturally grouchy these days. I tend to be a blunt person in real life as well, but it is actually getting out of control. I don't know if it's due to lack of sleep for almost four straight months, leaving my sweet babies to go to work when I really don't want to be doing that, or what it is. I just want to be with my babies all the time, anyone else around is just annoying to me. I don't know . . . .

Best baby moments of the week: Every moment. I love sleeping with them, playing with them, talking to them, everything. I just love everything about them. They are perfect. When asked by a coworker today how the babies were my response was "amazing, perfect, and above average in the attractive factor." :) Love.



Baby Jesus of the week look alike goes to: Ocean!!



  1. I read that article about Giselle and how she said something like if every woman would breastfeed they would have her body. Or something ridiculous like that. I was like uh yah right! I didn't have her body before baby and I sure won't have it after...regardless of whether or not we breastfeed!

    And adorable baby pictures!! :)

  2. I got my baby picture fix! Sweet! I have to stop by for that and to keep up with what is in the news:)...Never know what is going on out there...thanks to you I now know a bit:)...Lori :-)

  3. Awww! Nothing sweeter than a sleeping cutie!!

  4. I realized it was Thursday and had to check and see if you did a WTF Wednesday. I have to say, I love stopping by here to get my dose of WTF. Your babies are freaking adorable!!!

  5. Love it, I just came across your blog from your post at Stress Free Infertility! I love your bluntness...I too have become more blunt lately & frankly I think it's very freeing. Beautiful pictures of your babies!

  6. omg, i could not agree more re your comments on giselle and her breastfeeding
    'law'. amen!!!!! sooo true!
    nancy aka adopting mom


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