Thursday, August 26, 2010

4 Months!!

The peanuts turned four months old on Sunday! They are just so cute and fun and I love them to pieces.

We had their 4 month visit to the pedi yesterday(where they are complete rockstars and everyone comes to see them).

Ocean Michael's Stats


14 lbs 8 oz - 40th Percentile
26 inches long - 81st Percentile

Ever Ieleene's Stats


12 lbs 0 oz - 19th Percentile
24 inches long - 38th Percentile

They have also achieved all their milestones: chatting, rolling (Ocean actually only did this once, but hey, we will count it!), picking things up, putting things in their mouth, recognizing our voices when we come in the room and giggles!

They got shots yesterday and while they did better than last time, Ocean was bleeding a lot! I definitely had something to say about how unhappy I was with this. My mom gave me the eye to chill out and she joked when we left that she thought someone was going to get knocked out! :) I feel (a little) bad about it today, but really having my baby boy's blood all over my hand and his leg is not going to end well. Watching your kids get shots sucks big ones.


  1. Except for the blood, it sounds like a good appt. You want to like your pediatrician - but for the first few years when shots are frequent - you want to like the nurse so much more! We were blessed with an awesome nurse back in NY. Here in NC, they haven't gotten as many shots, plus the nurses rotate.
    I hope you have a better experience next time!! Poor kid! and Mom!!!!

  2. Congrats on a great appointment - great pictures! Mom's are allowed to get a bit pissed about some blood on their babies! :P

  3. Aw, they are totally sweet Ashley! And getting so big!!! You are getting to some fun stuff now!

  4. Awwww, Happy 4 Months! They are so darn sweet...


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