Friday, August 13, 2010

The Name Game

My kiddos have very unique names. Even when they looked like little aliens with ADHD bouncing around in my belly, I knew that they were going to be Ocean and Ever. Ever has been called River on a variety of occasions by strangers (including at the doctor's office, they had her in the system as River, wtf??) because it is close to Ever and I guess it would go with Ocean.

They have also been called many other things by their mommy. So many other things I'm sure they have no idea what their names actually are.

Ocean: Oshy, Oshy Bear, Bubba, Baby Boo, Bubby, Handsome Devil

Ever: Evie, Peanut, Twee Twee, Monkey Moo, Princess

The top two are Peanut and Bubby so I'm sure those will stick in their sweet little minds. Someone told me my kids are going to hate me because they can't go to the store and get the little cups and things with names printed on them. Really? Who cares. If their hearts really yearn for cups with their names on it, Mommy will come through custom order style for them so it's not the end of the world.

A few people have had the balls to make fun of their names to my face. I'm sorry to America that I didn't name my kid Jacob or Isabella (the top two most popular names in America). Or Connor or Cayden, the two most popular names I have at work. My name is Ashley. There are millions of Ashley's and always another Ashley in my class, I was never the only one. I think it's safe to say that Ocean and Ever will be the one and only. Also, I don't take the name-making-fun-of very personally. I expected it and hopefully my monkeys will have inherited my sense of humor. I am their Mommy and I am a typical parent thinking there is nothing better or more unique and amazing than my kids out there, so they had to have unique names.

So there. :)

Baby Boo and Monkey Moo with Daddy:







  1. Don't feel bad. Carl & Gretchen can't find their names on cups or ornaments or cute little tricycle license plates hanging in stores either. I think our kids will be successful in life even with this immense handicap.

    Love the pics - Daddy looks so happy holding them both! And in the individuals, it looks like they are getting used to being photographed! Ever is posing! Ocean - OK - he looks like he is giving you another opinion on photos right now, but he's pretty darn cute doing it!!

  2. Squeee!!! They are so cute!!! I think they will appreciate having unique names. Who wants to be the 3rd Kelly/Ashley in the class? Not quite as fun.

    In response to your comment on my blog - I TOTALLY wish I felt like I could take a break inbetween treatments. I think it would probably make my body for accepting of the new IF treatments too. Unfortunately, I am trying to make a career change to be a teacher next year and if I don't get PG ASAP, I'll have to hold off another year because of due date issues. I really need to have my baby in the spring/summer so I don't have to take maternity leave my first year which I don't want to do. Putting off baby for a year is soooo NOT happening. Ha!

    I just wanted to let you know, oh I don't know why exactly, but I really take your advice to heart as a been-there-done-that mom. I just can't blog about that reason because some nosey co-workers found there way to my blog and I don't want them knowing I'm going to leave next year!

    Sorry for leaving a short novel in your comment section. :)

  3. Seriously? My name is Jill and I can't find it printed on anything anymore. I could when I was a kid but I guess it has been replaced by Isabella and Olivia. If this is the worst thing your children have to deal with I think we can say they will be just fine.

  4. You have a right to name your babies whatever you would like. The other day at my OB appointment the nurse called out "Ashley" and FOUR yes FOUR ladies stood up. And I swear there was only about 6 ladies (including me) waiting. So yah it's safe to say I wish I had a more unique name. :)

  5. Sure, your babies' names are different - but at least they are common English words that people all recognize. Once they get their heads out of their respective asses, they can deal with it. I suffer with a weird foreign name that Americans are too lazy to sound out phonetically (Anyone remember sounding out new words in second grade? No?!) Then they throw in an extra consonant or two, if they're extra illiterate. Grr.

    You did good, hon!

  6. I named my daughter Bella. Although it may seem like a common name she is the ONLY Bella in my heart. BTW I love your children's names! I have heard the name Ever before (I think a celeb baby... ?) but Ocean is a new one for me.

  7. I had to laugh when you mentioned that your babies may not really know what their names actually are. I just mentioned the same thing to my mother the other day. We rarely call our daughter, who has the very common name of Emily, by her name. I usually go with Peanut, and my husband usually calls her Wiener Dog (she has a long torso, but shorter arms and legs).

    As for your babies' names...I love them!

  8. your babies are the cutest!!!!!! so adorable!

  9. ashley - good you're able to take all the stupidity with humor.
    I could never buy stuff with my name when I was a kid at is turns out, it didn't effect me too much. ;)


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