Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming . . . .

I know it's WTF Wednesday, but we are going to have WTF Friday this week because today is a VERY important day in history!!

On September 1st, 2009 . . . .

after 9 months of trying to make babies without a doc . . .

8 rounds of Clomid . . . .

3 IUI's with injectibles . . .

68 sessions of acupuncture . . . .

4 months of FertilAid . . . .

Lots of tears and 17 sessions of therapy with a licensed professional . . .

and ONE IVF . . . .

I received this email from my RE's office . . . . .

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are PREGNANT!!! (I am pretending to hear you scream right now :-)

Your level was 168 (VERY GOOD). Your progesterone was 20 (ALSO GOOD).

So...just continue your medications and come back in for a repeat lab on Thursday!!

Yea :-)

I did cheat and pee on a stick the night before, but hearing the beta was the icing on the cake!

I woke up in a happy mood and the babies have only been getting up once a night each so I was just a happy lady this morning. My boy was sleeping in my bed and he gave me big smiles when he woke up. My girl woke up an hour later and I went downstairs to see her and we played and she smiled and cooed for me.

September 1st will be a special day every year. I told hubby he better have cupcakes in hand when he comes home tonight!!





  1. Those are some deliciously cute babies, Ash! Congrats on the one year anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    The babies are just beyond adorable as usual and YUM to cupcakes!

    It's funny it's just about a year ago today that I got my BFN from that hellish IVF cycle. I was so devastated that I think I blocked out the exact date. Little did I know that MY baby was already just starting to cook in his first mom's tummy. Sometimes I guess you just have to trust that Universe really knows what it is doing!
    :) Fairlight

  3. Lucky you to have it documented in an email! Congratulations and happy one year!

    By the way, have you watched Bachelor Pad at all? Awful - the whole kissing contest thing was nasty. Totally a WTF!? :P

  4. As great as your Wednesday posts are, this is SO much better.
    Looking forward to Friday. Thank you for checking on me this morning. All is well.

  5. Happy 1 year since getting the greatest news ever!! :) This definitely deserves cupcakes! Beautiful babies!

  6. mmmm... individual cakes!!!! Happy Email BFP Anniversary!! They look older in today's pics. I can't believe how fast they are growing!

  7. Woohoo!!! What an awesome anniversary. And holy cow, your twins are SO ADORABLE! I love those pictures!!

  8. A special day indeed! Sweet pictures! Cupcakes sound GREAT too! Have a lovely evening with DH and babies...hugs, Lori


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