Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WTF Wednesday

- The dad from the sextuplet show on WE, "Raising Sextuplets," was arrested during an argument that he was having with his wife. The couple has admitted that they have "brutal fights" but will not get divorced due to their religion. Yikes! I can understand not wanting to get a divorce, but having six little guys watch you get arrested seems worse. I feel sorry for them, sometimes I feel completely frazzled and crazy with my two sweethearts, I can't imagine the stress of 6 of them!

- I honestly have no idea why they still have Amber and Gary on Teen Mom. Social services should have already been called and in their business 24/7. If they show their arguing, cursing, and domestic abuse on TV can you imagine what happens when there are no cameras?

- I have a serious issue with people not allowing their children to watch President Obama's speech to children last week. One piece of it is just pettiness but I have to believe that some of it has got to be due to racism. I don't remember this being a problem before with other white people. I am not a republican, nor did I support anything that the previous President did, but there is NO way I wouldn't show his address to kids. That is disrespectful and wrong and sending a sad message to children. Basically, President Obama was telling kids to work hard and stay in school. What is the problem with that? I don't think there is anything wrong with not agreeing with someone and wanting things to change, but I do think that respect for leadership is important.

- My eyebrows are currently so bushy it's scary. I actually forget about them until I look in a mirror and I'm like "ahh, WTF?"

I really don't have much else! Anyone want to add anything?

Best baby moments of the week:
There are a few. Ever is starting to crawl!! It's so cute, she lifts herself up with her elbows and knees and her little booty is up in the air. Ocean slept all night TWICE! I can't believe that they get cuter and cuter. We took them both swimming and they had fun, I love that they like the water (I love swimming, especially in natural bodies of water, not a huge pool fan). Now that they are so interactive, it is too much fun thinking of all the things we are going to do together. I love it!

I love these photos, both of the babies are like "say what??"




  1. You would think "brutal arguments" that cause police involvement would also be against their religion....

  2. Ah, I prefer chlorine in my water. lol We live at the ocean, but very very rarely take the kids.
    Now, the crawling... tie a heavy toy to her and slow.her.down. Keep them little as long as you can!!! And, they are much easier to have around when they stay where you left them if you have to run to the bathroom or something.
    She looks adorable in baby girl pink!

  3. Ugh, I agree about Amber and Gary. They need counseling so badly. Every little disagreement turns into "I don't need you. Get out of here! Oh look baby, your daddy is leaving again." Umm, you just told him to. It actually causes me stress to watch it but do I turn it off? No.

    And yes, because of their parents children have zero respect for authority or the president anymore. My hubby is an elementary school teacher and sees it all the time. Go ahead and disagree with someone's political views but do it respectfully! People now teach their children to hate people who don't agree with them. It's sad.

  4. love the post! i completely agree with all of the injustice.

  5. I love your WTF Wednesdays almost as much as I love pictures of those sweet babies...oh and I agree on all points!

  6. Again, I agree with you. I love your WTF Wednesdays.


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