Thursday, September 2, 2010

WTF Friday

- Abby asked if I watch Bachelor Pad. OF COURSE I watch Bachelor Pad!! This kind of reality TV trash is my favorite. If you don't watch it, it is a bunch of single people who are trying to date. They do competitions to win dates and people with roses are safe. Then they vote "Survivor" style. This is all for money, and of course, for a chance at love, ahem. This show makes me mad because, in my opinion, it is showing how dumb women can be when men are around. The men are doing the smart thing, which is trying to win the money. The women are falling in love with the men. One group of girls could have dominated the house but each one of them slowly screws up the plan by believing things men say. It makes me so mad!!

- In relation to the Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft is pregnant. They weren't even trying she says (good for you). I have never been able to stand Melissa. When she was on Jason's season and people told me that they loved Melissa I thought they must have some type of mental issue. Melissa was only on the show because it was on TV, she did not really care to be with Jason. When Melissa got dumped and everyone was outraged (which I thought was hilarious by the way), I could NOT understand how people didn't get she only wanted to be on TV!! Lo and behold, she is on TV a lot now and got engaged to some other guy a few months after the show wrapped. And people are still on Team Melissa? I am not surprised that she is pregnant and announced it to a magazine nice and early because we all know that getting pregnant is great press these days. Do you still buy what she is selling?? She is a fame whore! If you buy this still, please come to my house, I have some things for sale.

- REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY REUNION. If you don't watch the show but have cable, find it and watch it. It is WTF-tastic!! Theresa threw the host into his chair like he was a rag doll. Danielle gets caught in a lie so many times. She also has two sex tapes currently out. WTF? WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND MAKE A SEX TAPE THESE DAYS?? YouTube, blogs, even email and you could send a sex tape to a million people in a second. They also called Danielle out on why she doesn't use the plural form of the word "woman." Jaclyn really makes a fool of herself by acting immature. And as always, I truly love Caroline. There is a part two. WATCH IT!!

- Teen Mom is kind of starting to depress me instead of entertain me. I feel so bad for the way Caitlyn's mom treats her, she has an awful family life. I do have the mouth of a sailor, but that little boy in their house hears way too many potty words. My least favorite on the show is Amber. She is trying to get her GED but can't do it and work at the same time. What?? How do they pay their bills? I need to know the secret to being able to get my bills paid while hubby and I sit at home and fight with each other all day. She has the time to go on a diet that has made her a size 1 and we all know that's not easy (I could use some tips in fact). It's bizarre.

- Paris Hilton got arrested for cocaine possesion. She claimed the purse wasn't hers and also that she thought it was gum. Uh . . . . while I am no expert on what cocaine looks like I have a good feeling it doesn't look like a piece of Orbit.

- Briston Palin is on Dancing with the Stars. Enough said.

- I shamefully admit to have read all the Twilight books. In a matter of days. I was obsessed! If you are a fan, you will remember the birth scene of Bella's baby. It is INCREDIBLY disgusting. Absolutely sick. The director's have reported that they will not be toning it down for the movie. I think it's safe to say that kids should no longer be going to see these movies! Basically, the baby is trying to rip it's way out of her and Edward tears her open to save her life and she is then turned into a vampire. Eew!! Who thinks of something like that? I never saw the third ones. The books are awesome, the movies suck.

Am I missing anything?

Best baby moments: Our first zoo trip was last weekend! They also ate their first food, sweet potatoes.

They are both giving me a WTF look here. Poor babies can't even get through a feeding without being interrupted by Mommy's camera.


Here we are, a family of vampires. Can you see our pasty whiteness glistening in the sun?


**If you are a Resolve friend, you know today was a pretty sad and scary day. If you are not, all my family is fine and healthy. It was just an unbelievable day really. I must say I am thankful I got to take a moment to enjoy some senseless humor after everything that happened. I can't discuss it here, but just wanted to say an extra thank you for being a part of my story and thank you to all the bloggy friends that I read and keep me entertained!! It seems silly, but I truly enjoying getting to "know" everyone and on sucky days like this I am thankful for a place to escape in.**


  1. OMGoodness, I usually do not watch any of the "reality" shows, but I have been sucked into watching "The Real Housewives of NJ"! It is a train wreck and I cannot stop! I watched the first part of the reunion twice and have had it playing as "background noise" several times when ironing and stuff this week. (yes, need new background noise:)) BUT I totally agree with you! Teresa was my favorite at first, but what the heck? She is flipping out way too often now. Jacqueline has kind of disappointed me. I like Caroline too! Danielle...can't even comment on that..except for "eeeewwwww". Cannot wait for Part 2! I did realize when watching the reunion that I must have started watching late this season. Did not see quite a bit of what they were talking about. Started watching when they had the hairpulling at the country club. Hmmm...are these grown-ups? Good post. Gorgeous pictures, as always. And I am so sorry for your very difficult day...Hugs, Lori

  2. OMFG, I'm soooooo hooked on the Real Housewives of NJ!!! That trash TV is some of my all time favorite and I have to admit that I DVR every episode so that I have the opportunity to watch them a second time if need be. :) Caroline is also my favorite and I can't believe Danielle is still allowed to talk after Monday nights reunion...she is such a lier and an ignoromy. However, I don't even want to get started on this argument over the birth of Bella and Edward's child as the argument lasted hours/days the last time I saw you. hahaha, I'm remembering my reenactment now. Good blog for WTF friday, very entertaining and slightly reassuring that I'm not the only american wathcing these trashy reality shows and proud of it. Love you


  3. i REALLY need to watch bachelor pad. sooo many ppl tell me it would be good for my sanity. now u.

    just came by to say...
    thanks for stopping by on my sits day, a day that i needed just a WEEEE bit of extra love :) ur awesome!!!!


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