Thursday, September 30, 2010

WTF Wednesday

I know, it's Thursday again . . . :)

- I was absolutely disgusted by Teen Mom this week. They showed Amber just wailing on her boyfriend while he stood there. She slapped him, punched him, called him all kinds of expletives, it was awful! I don't mean to be a precious snowflake or anything, but really I almost cried. Right after they showed it, they put up a little message about where to go if you have been a victim of domestic violence. They need to remove them from the show and remove that child from her mother's care. It's terrible!

- I watched "Sister Wives" on TLC. They all seem like nice people, I guess. I actually think they are pretty smart. They've got three breadwinners and a stay at home. I decided I'm going to get some brother husbands:
1. Rick Fox (the only reason I watch Dancing with the Stars)
2. Anderson Cooper
3. Zac Effron (yes, he's legal)

Hubby says anyone that wants more than one wife is crazy. Now law enforcement is investigating them for bigamy. I personally think it's a waste of taxpayer dollars. They are all consenting adults. While I don't want any sister wives in my hood, I really don't care if someone else does. Child brides and things like that are obviously wrong, but for consenting adults, who cares?

- I had a real life WTF at the doctor's office yesterday. The nurse asked about my twins (we all go to the same GP) and if they run in the family or if I "took medicine to get twins." I don't know why, but I was seriously pissed off. I told her no, I didn't take medicine to get twins, I went through IVF with shots in the stomach for a month to have a 60% chance at one baby and we were lucky that we have two. I thought that would shut her up, but it didn't! She then said "oh, so you could have had six or seven?" I told her no, I could not have had six or seven because we only put two in, followed by the death stare. She finally figured out that the subject needed to be changed. Idiot!! I'm very open about what we did to have our family, but the way she was wording it made me want to slap her (luckily I am not into violence). It's bad enough when you hear these things from random strangers on the street, but medical professionals?? Really? I have spoken about our situation at length with another nurse there and she asked some off color questions, but she really just wanted to know as she is heading in the direction of fertility treatments herself. I've been thinking about calling back to ask the doctor to give some education to their staff since they see so many babies and have an OB in the office, but I'm not sure if it would change anything. What would you do? It just made me mad, but comments like that can be really upsetting for some.

Best baby moments of the week:
Giggles! They are so super cute. I will try to catch some on video soon, but they are pretty selective. Ever really only giggles for hubby, but I got her to giggle with dancing the other night. Love!!





  1. I totally agree about Amber and Gary. How has she not been arrested?! And their poor child, she has no chance to ever learn what a good relationship is. So sad.

    About sister wives, not quite as exciting as I hoped. And you're right, they're all consenting to this. None were too young and they all chose it. Who cares if that's what they want to do? As long as they are not on welfare I say whatever.

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of people have no idea what infertility treatments consist of. Trying to inform them all would probably be as effective as banging your head against a wall. But in any case you could probably call an office manager, explain the situation and tell them that you felt the questions were inappropriate and insensitive.

  2. Where do I begin? First, it's sort of sick that your Wednesday posts are not only the highlight of my day, but often times the highlight of my week. As I live and breathe, Rick Fox is the most gorgeous man walking the planet. I have never wanted pink "Tush" panties so badly. And when he ripped that black jacket off...Lord, help us. And, OH Anderson Cooper, I don't CARE if you like boys. I am convinced I could change you - or I sure would like a shot. He's such a good example of getting better with age. And rocking those Prada loafers down in my homeland during Hurrican Katrina? Only Anderson! And finally, today someone said to me that IVF was ty-boo. WHAT? Do you mean taebo? taboo? Go figure. Have a great week. Love some O and E pics!

  3. I don't wacth any reality TV, so I don't know about the shows. I did live with a guy named Rick Fox after college, though. LOL

    Nurses really should have some clue about IVF. Or at least some clue about tact.

  4. Watching Teen Mom this Tuesday, I knew I would see it on your WTF Wednesday post. Honestly, I was so sickened by the episode that I thought I might never watch again. It was unbearable. And to see their little girl standing there crying... no child should ever have to go through that. Once again, I'm completely on the same page as you.

  5. About the Sister Wives.. did you hear the part about the 1st wife having just one child, wanting more, but it "didn't work out." IF, anyone? I guess you don't need TX, though, when there are 2 other wives picking up the slack. You're right - they do seem like mature, intelligent people. But I noticed that the 2nd wife (the blonde Janelle) seemed frazzled and on-the-verge-of-tears much of the time. Not sure whether I'll watch again.

    P.S. I think talking to the doctor's office about the tactless nurse would be a good idea.

  6. Oh, grrrr. I would totally say something to the dr's office about their nurses' LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. Seriously.

    Oh, totally, totally cute kiddos. Makes me smile.

  7. As always... I agree with it all.

    Especially how precious those two babies are. :)

  8. You have the cutest kiddos! I love the pic with the two of them!

    I always think of you when I watch Teen Mom (is that weird???). Why oh why isn't someone or some agency intervening with Amber and Gary? My heart breaks for their daughter. What a rough life she's been thrown into. Super sad.

  9. As always, I love your WTF Wednesday. I don't watch Teen Mom on a regular basis, but I can't stand Amber. She's such a mess.

    That nurse was rude and inappropriate. It's none of her business and I can't believe she asked what she did.

    Your babies are adorable! They are lucky to have great parents and they get to grow up together.

    Happy Friday!!

  10. That nurse would have bothered me too. It's one thing to ask if twins run in your family, but it's another thing to ask if you used meds to get twins. What the heck?! Fertility help is on the rise so you would think at least people in the medical field would have some idea. Or at least they would have the smarts to not ask dumb questions. Good for you for being so honest to her!


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