Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WTF Wednesday

- On Bachelor Pad, they reduced it down to couples, which was a big shock. So the guys got to pick who they wanted to be in a couple with. Elisabeth is a few french fries short of a happy meal and continues to play mind games with her man. She basically has been black mailing him since the first show to be her boyfriend to stay in the game. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven right?

- I have been religiously playing the lottery and I still haven't won yet, wtf? What's worse is that I think I will actually win. Embarassing . . . .

- I am SOOO mad that I was watching Bachelor Pad because Real Housewives of New Jersey comes on at 9:00 here. Well it came on an hour early and I MISSED it!! I saw the end with a very awkward hug between cuckoo and Jaclyn. I also heard she will not be coming back. I have to say I am a little bummed because you have to admit that level of crazy is entertaining. And this can't be real right? These people don't really act like this, right?? I hope?

- Has anyone noticed the second season skinnies? You know, the reality people or TV stars that shed major pounds by the second season. I'll name a few - Caroline Manzo from Real Housewives of NJ, Ashley, the obnoxious daughter on the same show, Lea Michelle from Glee, Amber on Teen Mom, the entire cast of "Secret Life of the American Teenager" and there are many others. Maybe it's a good diet to see yourself on TV. I need some dieting help (hi, my name is Ashley and I'm a sugar addict) so maybe I'll have hubby video tape me for awhile tonight and then I'll watch it everytime I want to eat a roll of oreos dunked in peanut butter (yes, I really do that).

- People ask me frequently how to spell my kids names; Ocean and Ever. These are basic words of the English language and I find it embarassing that people have to ask. I even think "ever" is a sight word that you learn in Kindergarten. I know about half ask because they are not believing what they are hearing. The other half are asking because people spell very common names weird to make them original. This annoys me. I'll give you some examples: Jaczin (Jackson), Tylier (Tyler), Rion (Ryan), etc. Spelling your kids name different still gives them a popular name. I have had experiences where people are unhappy that their child's name gets spelled wrong, to which I want to reply, get used to it. By all means, this is America, spell your kid's name however you want to. Just because I like weird names doesn't mean I can't spell.

- This Saturday is September 11th, a day most of us will never forget. Well, some churches also want to make it "National Burn a Koran" day. What in the hell is wrong with people? That's just nasty and hateful and entirely unnecessary and will obviously provoke people to do things they don't need to be doing. Sigh . . . . Canada, here I come!

Best baby moments: They are like real little people now! They interact and smile and chit chat. They love to eat and are eating carrots, sweet potatoes and are about to try sweet peas. Ever is sleeping like a champion and Ocean is doing much better and sleeping in his own bed a majority of the night. I just worship the ground they walk on (lay on, I should say). They amaze me everyday!



  1. You should come to Canada, its the best country in the world! But of course I'm a little biased ;)

  2. I think it's just that one church burning a Koran. A small church of 50 people.... not defending them, but I kinda wish people would stop talking about it. It just gives them attention, which is what I think their whole motivation is! (I don't mean blogs and people like you; I'm thinking the mainstream press.) But it's so ridiculous. I'm glad we live in a country with the freedom to burn books if we want to, but wish people were smart enough not to!

  3. The 2nd half of the reunion for "Real Housewives of NJ..." was just weird?! Hope you share your thoughts after you see it all, but I thought it was odd. Awww, your LO's just get cuter and cuter every day if that is even possible, Look at those strong little necks:)...they are adorable! HuGs!


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