Friday, September 17, 2010

WTF Friday

Sorry, it's been a busy week and a Ocean has decided he will not be put to sleep without a fight so Wednesday turned to Thursday which turned to Friday . . . .

- This was already discussed, but I'm bored of high order multiple television and I'm ready for it to stop. I CANNOT wait for "Sister Wives" on TLC. I'm hoping it will be as awesome as I am thinking it's going to be in my mind.

- Speaking of, Octomom is now on welfare. People are disgusted and outraged by this. I am outraged that people are outraged because this is for the children!! They should not be penalized for mama's poor choices. This is no different than someone with one child on welfare, if you can't afford one or you can't afford 14 I don't see the difference. Hopefully those babies will get all their needs met.

- The Real Housewives of D.C. has had to be my replacement for the New Jersey ladies. The drama isn't quite as dramalicious, but I really love Kat. People don't like her. She's blunt and I know people don't like that, but she hasn't said anything to anyone that I didn't agree with. I like her! Kat is not a Republican (neither am I) and she is invited to a Republican party of some sort to which she says "let's make it more fun by dressing really inappropriately." She also says "I'm just not going to make myself ill by being polite." Obviously it would be hard to be this rude in real life and really you shouldn't, but haven't we all been in a situation where we wish we could be this blunt? I take it back, I don't like her, I love her!

- Lady Gaga wore meat at the VMA's. WTF? Gross! That can't be sanitary right? Having a raw slab of meat on your head? It was super disgusting. The things that she was saying were rather odd too. I'm not sure about her, but lots of other people seem to love her! I think some of the things she supports are great causes, but who can really take someone seriously who walks around in meat shoes? I know I can't!

- I have a kiddo at work who has a teddy bear named "Sexy." I'm not sure if this is cute or if I should alert the authorities . . .

Best baby moments of the week: These are getting hard to narrow down! They are interacting with each other and occasionally hold hands which I think is SUPER adorable!

WTF Baby:

Do not mess with this girl, she ain't playin'!


Ocean is thinking "why in the hell does my mommy and daddy think getting shoved into a babywearing device is fun for me?" The answer is: I don't really know, maybe because everyone else is doing it?



  1. Holding hands?! I'd pass out from the cuteness of it all.

    Isn't it weird how there's one reality show of a certain type and then eight more of the same genre follow it? Multiple babies, little people, repo men, pawn shops, cakes, CUPcakes... Who's copying who and why? I want to see something original - maybe circus people who moonlight as doctors and act as surrogate mothers.

    And sister wives?! I'm in! I have always been disappointed I don't have HBO so I couldn't watch Big Love, even though I realize that one is fiction.

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  3. I KNEW it! Every single time I see a preview of Sister Wives I think, "Oh, I wonder if Ashley's seen that? She's going to have a fit!" The monkeys are as adorable as ever : )

  4. I love the pictures! So cute!

    Lady Gaga has some of the catchiest music, but it's the kind that gets stuck in my head if I hear it once! But she drives me crazy with the constant publicity stunt. That's what I think this meat dress wearing was. She knew PETA would get involved, people would be talking, etc. I think she cares more about getting attention than her causes. :)

  5. And worse, Lady Gaga wore it on the Ellen Show and Ellen is vegan! Bad move.

  6. Oooh! A polygamist reality show! I can't wait. :-)

    Can't agree with you about Kat. I like blunt people who are funny and/or well-intentioned. But I think she's just a jerk. This may be a batch of Housewives that I'll take a pass on.

  7. Adorable pictures!!!

    I LOVE Kat. I don't think I could hang with her in real life, but I love how she spoke her mind about healthcare to the fake Republican lobbyist at lunch. And showing up as Sarah Palin at the party was pretty hysterical.

    Re: the teddybear named Sexy -- when my cousin's kid was like 2-3 years old, he went through a public nudity phase. He used to climb out of bed and streak through the living room naked yelling "NAKED SEHECKY (sexy) BABY!" They have no idea where he got the word "sexy" from but they were terrified he would do that at nursery school and they would get called in to the authorities!!! LOL....


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