Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Attack Baby

For home security, some people have alarm systems, pit bulls, and guns. Many women carry mace in their purse.

We don't need any of that in our house.

We have this.


It looks innocent doesn't it? That's the best part. It's really a vicious attack baby. It goes from that, to this in just a few seconds with no warning:


She will rip your face off!! I should have seen this coming, since I have been slapped by her sweet little hands many times for changing her diaper or getting in her face. Feisty peanut.

**No Oshy's were harmed during the making of this photograph, he actually thought it was funny. But he does keep his eye on her these days.**


  1. It only gets worse. Wait until she has teeth.

    Seriously though, it's pretty funny most of the time!

  2. It's always the sweet, quiet looking ones, isn't it???


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