Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WTF Wednesday

It's actually Wednesday this week!!!! Are you proud or what?

- Teen Mom was much better last night. Just out of curiousity I visited MTV's website to make sure there was some kind of follow up to Amber's violence issue and that it was being hammered into everyone's head that this is not acceptable. There was, thank goodness. I think it's crazy how Amber won't let him touch her when she is the one who pounded on him. I feel pretty sorry for Gary. This episode was much better, but I think that Catelynn's mom is just awful. I love the adoption story and hate that her mom makes her feel so guilty. I read reaction in People magazine saying that it is a bad portrayal of adoption, but I don't agree. Of course these two will miss the baby they gave birth to and I think the relationship they have with Carly's parents is great. I love reading comments on websites to articles and episodes now, I'm addicted!!

- I missed Sister Wives, dammit. I will definitely catch up this weekend. This was hubby and my conversation last night while watching Teen Mom when Maci was cleaning up her house:

Hubby: "Wow, what a woman."

Me: "Maybe she could be my sister wife."

Naughty look from hubby.

Seriously, I'm obsessed with this concept. I think it is ridiculous with a capital R that law enforcement is attempting to charge them and put them in jail for up to 5 years for this. For one thing, it's a waste of my tax dollars when you could have space for child molesters, rapists, drug dealers, the Westboro Baptist Church congregation, etc. And for the other thing, who cares??? It's not hurting ANYONE! I get so bored of people who put marriage on a high horse or their personal "morals." The divorce rate is 50%!! Obviously straight, mongamous people don't know what they're doing so why on earth can't these people enjoy a lifestyle that works for them?

- The Supreme Court is hearing the case about the Westboro Baptist Church protests. Basically, if you haven't heard of them, they stand outside of funerals for service men and women saying that God wants more of them to die because the deaths of men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are a result of God hating "fags" and abortion. These people are disgusting. The issue is about free speech, but I don't consider this freedom of speech, it's basically harassment and a hate crime. I would love for them to do some hard time for awhile. I live in Kansas and these sickening people are right in my backyard. Gross. How heartbreaking to show up to your child, or your husband, or your sibling or friend's funeral who lost their life serving our country and seeing that. It shocks me.

- There is going to be another season of 16 and Pregnant. I am NOT going to watch. Hold me to it people, if I ever mention it, let me have it good!!! I repeat, I will NOT be watching 16 and Pregnant, no way. :)

Best baby moments: They are getting BIG personalities. We have discovered that Ever is the alpha dog and Ocean is a major ham. When we have been out and about Ocean stares at people and then when they look he smiles a big smile. Ever is so hilarious. I'm loving all this personality kicking in!




  1. I saw a story about the westboro jackholes on some news show and it was shocking and sad to hear the interviewers talk to the children of the church. It always makes me sad when children are taught to hate from the very start. Sad.

    And you HAVE to watch the new 16 and Pregnant. I am excited about watching and I will need to read your reactions.

    And how the heck does Maci move for her boyfriend and then he's just like oh well, let's just break up?

  2. why wont you whatch 16 and pregnant?!!?! I am SOOO looking forward to it like maybe more than the new housewives of beverly hills!!I love reading your blog when you talk about trashy reality shows because it makes me feel like I am not the only adult who whatches these I rationalize it by saying I am learning what not to do in front of my daughter ha! not that gary and ambers relationship even slightly resembles our home life!


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