Thursday, October 14, 2010

WTF Wednesday

Crap, Thursday.

- I'm going to go Jerry Springer on you and offer you my final thoughts on the Teen Mom finale:

  • Amber and Gary. Yikes. By far the worst of the mamas. That guy Amber just started dating is super gross. I cannot believe that he could help her control herself and she can't help herself!! What a level 5 psycho driving down the street to go fight with Gary. At least Gary left so that his child and mother didn't have to watch him get punched in the face. I know not all agree, but I am a firm believer that having a vagina does not give you an excuse to punch people. MTV is in hot water for not calling the police during the now infamous domestic violence episode which I completely agree with! If Gary had done that to Amber, the police would have been called and he would be in jail. The same should go for Amber. I also heard that CPS did investigate so that is good news as well. My favorite quote from the show was when Gary's friends were asking him about Amber's new man. Friend: Where did she meet him? Gary: At Walmart. Friend: That's ridiculous.

  • Farrah. I really want to blame her immature behavior on her mom, but at some point you have to take responsibility for yourself. She acted like a little baby when her mom spoke with her about her rental contract, although she didn't have a problem giving her mom a contract. I do feel so bad for her for the loss she had and Sophia is SO cute.
  • Macy. I really find her whole story to be a little boring for reality TV. So I don't have anything to say.
  • Catelynn and Tyler. I LOVE them!! I cried probably 3 times during the episode. Their relationship with the adoptive parents is just amazing and they are the sweetest kids. It is amazing that with their background and Catelynn's shit for brains mother that they turned out so well. Oh, tears . . . . that was the sweetest. Carly is adorable. They are adorable.

I CANNOT wait for Dr. Drew's take on all of this next week.

-If you are a Real Housewives fan, or even if you aren't, I hope you watched the episode of DC because I have been dying to figure out the whole White House crashing incident since I saw it on the news with Tareq and Mickael (sp?) Salahi. Honestly, it really just looked like they walked in and no one stopped them, so that seems to be more of a security issue than their fault, I mean, they let them waltz right in. BUT the fools would NEVER admit if they were invited or not invited. It drove me nuts because I really want to know. The reunion is tonight so I will be watching.

- Sister Wives. I need to find one. Just kidding, hubby thinks it's a terrible idea. I have been pretty okay with the whole thing and really interested. The two last episodes that I watched did freak me out a little.

Situation One: Children were playing with Barbie's and they only had one Ken doll, to which new mommy number 4 said "you will just have to share like your mommies share." Say WHAT??

Situation Two: One wife was giving birth in the hospital (her daughter's name is Truely, I like it) and her and Big Poppa were discussing doing IVF with the first wife. So, they are in the hospital with their baby, talking about making babies with someone at home openly with the doctor. Hold the PHONE!! That is straight weird.

Best baby moments this week: Watching them check things out. They are really looking at stuff. Ocean pulls out his binky and gives it a dirty look and talks to it. Ever is VERY observant. I wish I knew what they are thinking. Or maybe I don't.

Playing at the park!




  1. can I just say, I loooooove how much they look like brother and sister. so adorable!

  2. WAIT - Did you hear this one? The guy Amber is now dating...he went to jail...for CHILD MOLESTATION!!! Oh that baby. Get her outta there!

  3. I thought it was funny when the poly-dad tells wife #1 (on their anniversary) that he thinks they should go ahead with IVF, assuming that she would be totally stoked about it, but her response was "Ummm.. nope, not interested." Whaaat?! Not every woman wants to be his personal baby factory? Zoinks! We'll see whether she changes her mind, though.

  4. OMG I <3 that show "Sister Wives." I was totally weirded out too when the wife asked him to recommend a fertility doctor for the other wife while in labor. Oh yeah, and the part while he was kissing his girlfriend while on the way to the hospital for his wife's birth. Gag me with a spoon. P.S. Your babies are GORGEOUS!!! Love seeing all the photos! Too cute!

  5. I've never watched "Teen Mom" but I saw it a week or two ago and got HOOKED. Totally agree with your assesments. The adoptive couple story just had me in tears!! They are SUCH sweet kids!

    I need to upgrade my browser bc I can never see the photos on your site and I'm dying to see those babies!!! (I just get blank white squares.) Computer should be upgraded soon so I look forward to checking out all these pictures!!


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