Friday, July 24, 2009

Lupron Fun! Would you ever . . . .

My Lupron injections have begun! My suppression appointment is officially next Tuesday to get the party started.

Question of the day: Would you ever trust a man that looked this crazy to poke you with a sharp object?




A little sweeter now! I tried to take the picture as he was doing it, but screamed and told him to stop so that I had time to close my eyes.


Nope, we're not starting a meth lab! These are the supplies for the current injections.

I am super crazy. Crying like a little toddler at the drop of a hat! Flipping out over nothing! Yesterday I fell asleep at 7:00 p.m. after crying, eating a box of Oatmeal Pies, and downing my Metformin and prenatal with a beer. It's getting serious around here!

I am so ready to get this going and super anxious for my appointment on Tuesday to see what they say and find out about what type of protocol I'll be on. The waiting is killing me!

Sad news, we will not be getting the three fosters. :( Two agencies placed them the same day so they were already placed with someone else when we were asked. Sigh . . . .

Good news, I had a wonderful dinner with hubby and my grandparents. I indulged in lots of soon to be no-no's; fish, wine, and chocolate. Yummy!

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  1. Love your new "scrapbook" look! Sorry about not getting the kids:(...glad you had a nice dinner with family! Yes, my husband seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much back then too! I wanted to stick him with saline...just once:)...but use the progesterone needle!!:)...(just kidding...he was wonderful and kept track of everything for us)...needles made me wishes...Lori...


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