Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

I have been plagued by a recurring nightmare since hubby and I started thinking about babies. I am big, round, jolly and pregnant. Much to my excitement, it's now "time." Hubby and I go to the hospital and I push and push and feel the pain. And then there's nothing. No baby. I am so confused. Everyone just looks at me and then leaves. Where is my baby? I lay there for awhile and then panic. When no one helps, I just leave as well.

This dream has always had the power to completely ruin my day. I know that scientifically dreams are meaningless and are not predictors of the future. But it has always bothered me.

A few weeks ago I had a dream, not a nightmare. It was after the IVF was complete and I had an ultrasound. There were two little babies, perfectly formed and healthy, floating around in my body. It was already 12 weeks and I felt good and confident. I felt the joy that I've been waiting to feel for years. I had a fabulous day that day! As soon as I woke up I told hubby all about it and felt excited for the possibilities.

Scientifically, I know this is no premonition of things to come in the future. But I'm going to treat it as a little gift from the universe to keep me going towards my dream of being a mommy! If only in dreams, I got to experience that joy for a moment.


  1. I love your happy dream! I hope we both have those more often!

    A lot of times dreams are just our unconsious mind working out problems we're dealing with in real life. Your nightmare is just your inner self working out how to handle a big fear. I do hate those dreams, though!

  2. I love your happy dream too! And I truly believe "Dreams DO Come True"...that is the name of my blog...and the song "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" became our little theme song when I discovered I was actually humming it without realizing it when we were waiting to hear whether or not Rachel's BMom had chosen US...and she did! Great song...Great mantra:)...I look forward to hearing about you holding YOUR dream in your arms someday soon...Oh, I love that song!...I even used it on a recent photo montage and bought Rachel the Precious Moments Cinderella figurine that is musical and plays it...Hugs...Lori...


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