Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Okay, I'm totally gonna brag on myself . . . .

I went to the OB today and I have gained only 27 pounds at 31 weeks! Woo hoo!!! When I imagined myself being pregnant I figured I would gain at least 60 pounds so when I found out it was twins I figured I'd probably gain 80 pounds. I know this is odd for a woman to admit, but I love food. I love to eat it and I eat as much as I want. I NEVER feel guilty for eating ice cream, chocolate, cookies or really half a pizza in one sitting. So the fact that I am not morbidly obese is a true miracle (except for the fact that I love to workout as much as I love eating so it's a balance I guess).

Forget about God walking on water (or Jesus, whoever did that). That's nothing. Ashley gaining 27 pounds while pregnant and never excercising=MIRACLE.

In other news, babies had good heartbeats and I am officially on bedrest. I went to work to finish some things up (I know, I suck at bedrest already) and it was SO weird to think I won't be back for months. It's more weird to think about how poor I'm going to be but that's okay.

As long as there is no drama to report from the specialist tomorrow, I think I will finally show you some photos of my stretch marks and my super weird looking belly button. You would think I gained 100 pounds when you see these suckers, they are for the record books!


  1. Way to go!!!

    Can't wait to see the belly pictures!!!!

  2. good for you, that is great news!

  3. Awesome low weight gain. I'll bet you drop way more than you gained once they are born. (with my twins, I gained only 6, lost 40 within 10 days of giving birth)
    Hang in there on bed rest! You can do this - only a few more weeks! Sitting still now is much better than NICU time!

  4. Congrats on the weight gain!! Sorry for the bedrest, hope you find plenty of things to do to keep occupied!! I was worried I've only gained 16 by 21 weeks, so now I don't feel so badly since it sounds like your babies are quite healthy with only 27 pounds.

  5. Good Luck on that bed rest!! I'm sure you will find something to watch or do to occupy all that time. Can't wait to see your pics.


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