Monday, March 15, 2010


I really, REALLY want an Arms Reach Co-sleeper for next to the bed. Although I'm being strict with the budget now that I'm not working, I am very tempted to buy one. I saw it on another person's blog and thought immediately "I want that!"

Beyond budget, there is one other issue in my way. Hubby. He does not want us to do that. He has been a good daddy and has listened to quite a few parenting podcasts. He does have the upper hand because I didn't even make it through "What to Expect When You're Expecting." He feels it would be best for them to start out in their beds (well bed, they will share for awhile) because then there will be no transition to beds later. This does make sense. When we took our Marvelous Multiple birthing class, the guest speaker with two year old twins swore by putting your babies to bed in their own cribs while even still a little bit awake so they learn to self soothe. That makes sense also.

But . . . . it would be nice for the time that they are eating every 3+ hours to have them at "arms reach." If it turns out that I am not good at breastfeeding then it won't matter because I will have to go downstairs to make a bottle anyway. Even if I pump, that will have to happen so no matter what I'll be getting up. Also, I think for awhile I will be a little scared of them being in their own room away from me. Other than their five days in the petri dish, they have always been with me. I'm not sure I will be able to just put them in another room! My mom and I are taking a road trip so out of state family can meet the monkey's and it might be a nice thing to have. Although, I've never seen this in real life so would it fit both the monkeys?

I also don't know if I can just put the babies in their bed. I love bedtime! With my 18 month old foster baby when it was bedtime there is a twin bed in his room so hubby or myself would lay down with him for awhile (maybe half an hour). We would just lay and snuggle until I could hear his little snore in my ear. It was very sweet and he always smelled wonderful after bathtime and in his fresh jammies. I am looking forward to that with Ocean and Ever.

I can't make a decision! I'm itchin' to get my hands on it, but I want hubby to be on board and I don't really know if it's necessary. What do you think, did your munchkin(s) sleep next to you for awhile? What a dilemma!

*On a side note*- For my post yesterday, I did not consider that perhaps the screaming/mom hitting child could possibly have a disorder that would cause them to behave that way. So I apologize if you do have a child who has that experience and outings are tough for you. I will probably consider that from now on, so thank you (you know who you are) for sharing your experience! I did learn something from that. On another note, if you just don't like my harshness, or the fact that things irritate me and I write about them (I did after all put the word judgemental in the title), this probably isn't the reading material for you. There are many times that I read others blogs and mostly like them, but occasionally consider some posts to be odd, ridiculous, and sometimes just plain crazy. But I understand that people are entitled to be odd, ridiculous and crazy, so I don't worry about it. If you are really worried about it and need to tell me, go ahead, but your best odds are just to count to 10, hit the X button on the top of the screen, and read about daisies and rainbows somewhere else.


  1. Long time reader, but first time commenter. I absolutely love your way of thinking, and agree with you almost 99% of the time.

    I am so excited for you and your hubby and this next chapter of your lives.

  2. I got an Arm's Reach but it is the Mini so I can't judge whether a full sized one would fit two babies. Mine would not. I got a really good deal from a co-worker. I am planning to use it for the first three months or so. I just think it will be so convenient and I have read that having the baby nearby that early reduces the chances of SIDS (sorry, I don't have a reference or link off hand), likely because you are so in tune with their breathing/noises.

  3. We didn't put the kids in our bed - I was bottle feeding (oh, if you have city water - we just kept a container of formula right in our bathroom and I mixed the bottles during the night so I didn't have to go downstairs and wake myself up too much. I used my Tupperware gravy shaker to make them when the kids were taking smaller amounts. When they got a little older - for downstairs, I'd make a whole pitcher in the morning for the day. The Pampered Chef Mix and Pour somethingerether pitcher is awesome for that!)

    But, L & I are big people and such heavy sleepers, I was afraid to physically put the kids in our bed. But, the nursery was connected to our room with double doors, so they were only a few feet away anyway.

    But, if you were BFing, I'd guess that kind of sleeper would be perfect!

    (luckily, other than the one dr's office visit, C doesn't have sensory issues - thankfully, my shopping trips aren't like the one you described. But, I do know some people who deal with it. And can you imagine - some babies hate car seat rides and scream the entire time? Holy moly - that would be hell in my opinion. Thank goodness I didn't deal with that!)

  4. Hi Sweetie! Love It! I could learn so much from you...not for my blog, but in my daily life! You are right...YOUR space:) get to be as blunt and honest as you want! I do not always have time to comment especially with Rachel's 2nd birthday quickly approaching, but I have been trying to keep up with you:). I know I do not have twins, but I will say I had a Moses Basket and a Bassinett for Rachel...both in our bedroom for the first 5 weeks. I did not sleep well due to always checking on her, but I NEEDED her near me. She mostly slept in the Moses Basket right on my bed next to me. She did not like the Bassinett but used it later for naps downstairs. At about 5 weeks we decided to put her in her crib on a sleep wedge which we used in both of the above too. I cried but knew it was best for both of us. DH did sleep on the floor by her crib for awhile...cannot remember how long. I did not breastfeed, but I loved having her nearby even to watch or check breathing. She also would fall asleep very easily when swaddled tightly with my hand resting on her tummy. Frank's aunt has twins (age 18 now)which she put in the crib from day one. She used to lay them side by side on their backs (swaddled) and just put a rolled up blanket between them. They were tiny and slept sideways in the crib not longways for awhile. Thinking of you! Can you believe it has been about a year since we have been "talking". I remember getting a message from you right around Rachel's 1st birthday:)...HuGs, Lori

  5. Oh, a note on the bottles. We did the Playtex Drop-Ins and had them ready with the powdered Enfamil in them. This way we could just add the water up in the Master Bath when needed. I used bottled water and also Nursery Water, but our pedi. said tap water was fine and recommended in our area, at least. Rachel drank hers at room temp. We never heated her bottles. Lori :-)

  6. I'm with the others...say what you want. It is YOUR blog. :)

    Would something like a pack-n-play work? Some I've seen are super nice, more affordable than a cosleeper and could be used in your room for a while then would come in handy for outings and such. My BFF used hers with her twins for the first few months, even with the bassinet insert as together, they weighed less than 15 or 20lbs...whatever the weight limit is for the bassinet part. Just an idea. :)

  7. I agree with the others....this is your space. You should write what you feel. I enjoy reading your perspective on everything, and since I'm 31w4d, I've been able to relate to much of what you have written.

    My husband and I were also looking into the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. We have a pack-n-play from when my niece was younger, but we have misplaced the bassinet part. Instead of the Arms Reach, though, we're going to get the Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages. Last I checked, I could only find it online through the Graco site and Babies R Us Canada, but my local BRU has it in-store. (The US BRU site has a travel lite crib, but I like the "with stages" one better.) For us, being able to easily move it around the house and still be able to use it was a key factor. Just an idea, though.

  8. My "Arm's Reach" is on order. You can get it from Baby's R Us and they do fit twins if youget the full size.


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