Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Miss Bitchy Pants

I'm starting to get really irritated easily on a regular basis. Part of this I know is hormones. Part of it is the lack of sleep. And part of it is that truly, this shit is just annoying.

Because I am happily pregnant with twins, I am considered high risk. I get it. *BUT* I feel like my doctors are constantly trying to scare me or find something wrong, when really, there isn't anything wrong. I know that's weird to say coming from me, the paranoid queen, but after the butt load of doctor's appointments and ultrasounds, I feel like everything is just fine. I know anything could happen and I appreciate everyone being proactive, but for God's sake, I wish everyone would just chill out.

The gestational diabetes business has pushed me into grouchy, bitchy, zero tolerance land with medical professionals. Up until this point, I have been so scared and worried about everything that I hang on their every word. At this point, I feel like they are drama queens. I failed the 1 hour glucose test by ONE point. One. I failed the 3 hour glucose test by a few points in the first hour and none the other two hours. Now I am forced to buy expensive ass equipment and poke myself in the fingers 4 times a day. For one measley little point. It's bull shit I tell you!

Well, for the last three days I have been taking my measurements at home and lo and behold, THEY ARE NOT HIGH AT ALL!!! They are in normal, every person range. Just to test it out, I ate a whopping piece of cake with my dinner that had an inch of frosting on it and a cream filling. I also ate white bread with my chicken for dinner. STILL my results were in normal, every person range.

Let me give you a list of all the things that are going right: babies are measuring perfectly in line with a singleton baby, babies are gaining appropriate amount of weight, I am at an "amazing" (quote per the doctor) weight for twins, I am 30 weeks pregnant with twins and still working full time as well as being mobile. My monkeys are on the move all the time and I love my belly and being pregnant has finally become enjoyable and the damn doctors are trying to make me crazy! WTF?

So I put in a little call saying that I have been unable to draw blood (due to freezing cold hands and the fact that I WORK) and I really think this is unnecessary. I got a big fat guilt trip from the nurse saying that I should do it for my babies. Puh-lease!! My babies are beautiful and perfect and my blood tests are NORMAL! That is just plain evil if you ask me to pull that one out of the hat. She also told me she knows it hurts, but it is for their safety. Bitch, I had needles in my stomach, arms and ass for months, pricking my finger does not hurt!! I just want to enjoy myself and my babies. She also said I should feel sorry for people who have to do it all the time, not just pregnant and hope that I don't get it in the future. Thanks for that. Perhaps that's why, when not pregnant, I work out everyday, take supplements, and eat right. Duh!

I'm sure there is a nasty note about my charming personality in my file, but I will enjoy the remainder of my ONE and ONLY pregnancy EVER up until I have an actual, based in reality, not fear, health issue.



  1. Amen Sister!!!! ENJOY your pregnancy and don't let the main stream medical bull shit protocols take that from you!! You are an individual and so are each of your babies...we are not robots even though we get treated that way some times by silly doctors and nurses!! Take care, Mama, and keep doing what feels right to YOU!!! xox

  2. ugh, as if you haven't gone through enough annoyance at this point. Hang in there and do what feels right for you - obviously you must be doing a lot of things right if your monkeys are so healthy! (thanks too for your comment on my blog. it's reassuring to know that others have had similar experiences)

  3. Ugh, that is annoying. But it is truly great to know that your babies are doing so amazing. Obviously you have been taking very good care of them and yourself so far. Keep up the good work and know that soon you won't have to deal with this annoyance anymore.

  4. I'm so glad you're enjoying your pregnancy so much! Don't let them make you stop enjoying it out of fear! Good for you standing up for yourself!

  5. Go Girl!
    Bitch nurse needs to go away and let you be.
    Congrats on the perfect babies!


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