Sunday, March 7, 2010

Suck It Up!

The babies are going to probably come earlier than I had hoped (I REALLY wanted 35-36 weeks). But why is this shocking? This has happened many times in the last few years, beginning with not being able to make babies to a whole host of other things not coming to fruition when I wanted them to. I just remembered that even though things haven't happened exactly how I have planned, things have still turned out pretty darn good. Instead of worrying about this endlessly (I still worry of course) I am going to get things done in the event the babies come sooner than I thought.

Things that are complete:

- We bought all of the necessary items left on our registry, including the other car seat to bring the other monkey home, so we have everything that the babies need.
- I have washed all of their little clothes in Dreft and will start on their bedding after our laundry is done today.
- I started putting together my hospital bag. I bought 3 nursing tanks, comfy outfits, and a nursing bra.
- This is the crazy one - I cleaned my car!! I know this is totally sick and I shouldn't admit it, but it hasn't happened in a few years. But it is completely clean and ready for monkeys to dirty it back up.

I am about to pop in the shower and then work on the nursery. We have everything in there, it just looks like Babies R Us threw up(thanks again SOOOOOO much to everything our family and friends provided for us). Doing all these things makes me a tad emotional, not that that's saying much these days, because it's getting serious. I don't care about the stillbirth threats, I AM going to be bringing TWO babies home. It's kinda freaky to think about.

I had contractions every 20 minutes for 6 hours on Friday. I was in immense pain when I got home and got to bed. I had a few more on and off in the night, but nothing consistent. After a busy day yesterday I went to Target in the evening to pick up a few things (Benefiber, you can guess what that's for). I had cramping, dizziness and was super sweaty. I got in the car and called the nurse. She said it sounds like the babies are getting ready to escape! She said to call the doctor and I was panicked but I got home and hubby got me off my feet, gave me food and I drank water. It went away in an hour, but I think the nurse is right. And my days of doing anything but laying are coming to a close.

We will see what this weeks appointments bring . . .


  1. REST, take care of those babies, and enjoy being lazy for the last time in your life!! :-)

  2. How exciting!! You just rest now, and make that sweet hubby of yours take care of everything! You and your family are in my prayers.

  3. Take it easy - rest and drink a ton of water. You really want to keep those babies in as long as you can (no matter what they have planned). You know , you've heard us say it, "every day inside saves you 2 days in NICU".
    And take more belly pictures!


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