Thursday, March 11, 2010


*Before you look at these, be prepared that it is NOT pretty*

You've been warned.

My belly has not grown in size in two weeks. When I went to my closet to pick out something to wear I picked out one of my oversized sweatshirts because I thought that would be super comfortable. Apparently I forgot that I'm almost 8 months pregnant with twins:


This is my "oversized" sweatshirt with my belly hanging out the bottom. All I need is a beer, a football game on tv, my hands down my pants and a sprinkling of potato chip crumbs across the top of my belly and the look will be complete! Yes, I went to my doctors appointment like this.

Here are the stretch marks:


Due to lighting they don't look as hideous in this photo as they do in real life. The ones on my sides are about 4 inches long. The ones that go from my hips and straight up the front past my belly button are about 6 inches long. Yikes!

Belly button:


What the hell is this?

Below is just a cautionary tale:


All the stretching has faded out the scar but you can kind of see a brown line across my belly. This is not pregnancy related and did not happen during pregnancy. I just wanted to show you that it IS possible to end up scarred for life from ironing naked. Don't do it!

I had a big pity party for myself today. I don't thinking laying around the house watching television is what I'm cut out to do in life. I keep telling myself it is best for the babies so I will do it. I went to my doctor's appointment and they aren't going to measure the babies. I almost freaked out because I am obsessed with their measurements. They explained that they don't need to because it is better to do it every few weeks. I took it like a man to their face, but cried my ass off when I got in the car and got home. I CANNOT relax until I know they are over 4 pounds and since I'm not a doctor I need them to tell me what they weigh!! They did pass their BPP though so that's all that is important. They also upped my gestational diabetes medicines. Obviously when people feel sorry for themselves they need to eat the Great Wall of Chocolate at PF Changs, but I cannot have that. I would do anything for a donut or cake! Well, anything but hurt my babies so I won't have it but you get what I'm saying.

This is only 3 days in to bedrest, it could get super ugly! Hubby said if I come pick him up from work he will eat lunch with me everyday so that will give me something to look forward to. It's a major battle of the mind to think that I want to be done and hold my monkeys, but they aren't ready for that yet so I don't want to be done. I also try to think about how much I will miss feeling them move around in me and having them with me all the time. Plus, these will be our only children so I want to enjoy it. But I feel freaked out.


  1. Glad the babies are still doing well! You will notice that during my OHSS-induced modified bedrest that I posted A LOT. boredom will do that!

    and thanks for your advice on the heart monitor. when they told me today that they wouldn't be doing another ultrasound until week 20 i thought i would faint. :)

  2. Ironing naked? :-) Yay for the BPP passing! You are doing great - you can do this!!!! I'm looking forward to more updates as you sit on the couch all day. (Don't over do it picking DH up, OK?) Oh, and they upped my GD meds 3x. How are your readings going? Be sure your hubby has the bakery on speed dial for your hospital stay!

    Your belly looks so nice and round! Enjoy these last days. You even mentioned it - you will miss it. The yucky stuff fades and you will miss being in awe of the miracle you are participating in!

  3. You look so fabulous! Your belly is beautiful! I am inspired and hopeful because of you. Maybe my turn is coming soon.
    Hang in there!!

  4. Thanks for the warning about ironing naked. I never knew it could be dangerous! You crack me up.

    It sounds like the babies are doing just fine. You look incredible for 8 months pregnant! Seriously, you are all belly. The scars will fade, but even if they don't, you will still be a beautiful mom.


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