Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buzz Kill

I waddled my uncomfortable self into the preadmission office today at the hospital. The parking lot is a joke so I got quite the excercise. They do have free valet parking but because of my distrusting nature I chose not to use it because a) nothing is really free and b) I don't want a stranger in my car.

I made my way up to level three to get all the paperwork signed for my impending childbirth experience. The nurse complimented me on how fantastic I look and how she cannot believe I made it into her office at 34 weeks with no major complications. We went through all kinds of good stuff. Everything was great except for two things:

1. It is more difficult than you might imagine getting medical professionals to jump on board with a delayed vaccination schedule (the babies get vaccinated, but at a slower pace). She informed me as they go about vaccinations some are all mixed into one so they would be getting three at a time anyway. I do not believe that vaccines cause autism, but I don't want my babies systems bombarded with three vaccinations at once, especially from shots with mercury or other preservatives. So that task did not get accomplished because I have to make further arrangements with my doctor.

2. She said that the average twin birth occurs around 36 weeks, which is what I am hoping for. She said as long as they come out healthy the babies will get to accompany me to the recovery room and stay with us for our three midnights that are required after a c-section. In the event that they would need some NICU time, I would be in recovery and not get to see them for TWO hours. After those hours, they would wheel me by to get a glimpse and then I would not see them until the NEXT day. MAJOR BUZZ KILL!! It has been 3 years and 2 months since we started trying for these babies and two hours for me to not be with my babies and then not really getting to be with them at my leisure until the next day will NOT work for me. I know myself and this has major meltdown written all over it.

So . . . I have been hoping in the last few days due to pain and gross stuff and just plain impatience that they would arrive not a day before or after the 36 week mark. Maybe that won't work. An extra week or two could save me a meltdown of epic proportions (unless I have one any day now, which is very possible).

I guess I just need to see what happens tomorrow at measuring day and then I will decide if I will hope to the universe for a later date than April 15th (but it has such a nice ring to it, doesn't it?)!


  1. Getting soooo close!!! I can't wait to meet little Ocean and Ever!!!! :) :)

  2. My twin boys were born at 36 weeks 2 days and needed no NICU time at all. They were in my arms as I was wheeled into the recovery room and have barely left my sight since. I hope that your experience goes as smoothly as mine.

  3. You know I am going to play Devil's Advocate.. or worst case scenario.. or With My Twins....

    With gestational diabetes, I think you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that they will go to the NICU. Mine did because at birth their blood sugar levels were slightly low. They simply gave them formula and that brought it back to normal, but what happens is the babies are used to your system and when they are born, they are now taken away from teh high sugar levels. Many GD babies have that dip in blood sugar at birth. It might not happen, but better to be prepared and pleasantly surprised.

    OK, the c-section finishing up/recovery time/seeing the babies... my twins were born at 1:31 and 1:33am. I got to see them in the delivery room, but there were doctors and nurses all over the place doing apgar scores etc. I was wheeled down to NICU to see them at 4:30ish-am. At that time, I could not hold them, but I was still so numb from the belly down (spinal) and still somewhat shaky/exhausted from the birth that I was fine with that. I did not want to hold them and discover I had no strength in my arms and, well, drop them. Of course, I got to touch them and be close to them, just couldn't stand up yet. They wheeled my whole bed into NICU. (it was 5 years of trying and waiting for us to get them, so I completely understand your need to hold them immediately.)Carl graduated from NICU and came to be by 8:00am (after a pediatrician checked him) Gretchen stayed longer for a slight feeding issue, but I was able to go to the NICU and hold her that morning as well. Neither was on any machines.

    Another thing I highly recommend is sending the babies to the nursery at night. It sounds like if you have no NICU time they are not giving you that option. You really need to take those 3 nights to sleep and recover as much as you can before they send you home with 2 newborns and a big ol' cut in your tummy. I was only allowed to hold 5-6 pounds for the first 6 weeks. That meant only the baby. I couldn't lift the car seat carriers even. You really need to get a jump on healing in the hospital where there are trained nurses who are there all night ready to care for your 2 newborns. The nurses at our hospital said they recommend sending babies to them and they love caring for them all night. We felt very comfortable doing that.

    Only maybe 2 more weeks!!!! Wow!!!!


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