Monday, March 29, 2010


Things are changing around here!

Since I have been on bedrest, I haven't had a lot of contractions, not even really braxton hicks. Starting on Saturday though, I have had tons of braxton hicks a day and have been so sleepy. I usually venture out to do something once a day for some time but it is getting pretty hard.

Last night the pain was ridiculous. It wasn't contractions, it was just growing pains. Well, I think it wasn't contractions but I guess I don't really know. It is just hip pain and it radiates into my legs and also causes my back muscles to spasm. This also causes cramping which doesn't feel great and additional braxton hicks. I woke up quite a few times but then slept in until 11:00!! Something else is happening too but I won't describe it to you since family reads this and it's kind of nasty.

Other than dreaming of a hefty dose of vicodin and a muscle relaxer, I am so excited! I hope this means something is happening down there. My OB said 36 weeks would really be perfect so if everything checks out at the specialist on Thursday I am going to HOPE with all my hopes that it will only be two weeks before we meet them. If that doesn't work, I am going to BEG with all my begging skills, I'm talking on my knees and maybe some tears, that we can look at the induction around 37 weeks instead of 38.

Cross your fingers for April 15th!!


  1. Those sound like contractions Ashy! They always hit my back, not my belly. I bet you are dilated this week! But, I hope you make it two more weeks. I was induced at 37 weeks! It was awesome!

  2. I hope you can keep them in as long as possible, but I also hope you find some relief. I remember the painful end, but in a lot of ways, it fades. I think being on the multiples board and reading blogs of pregnant women keep it more fresh for me than if I had simply not thought about the twin pregnancy in over 4 years, you know?

    I'm glad you can at least sleep in! Is your bag packed? If those are back labor ctx you might need to get ready pretty quickly! Things are going to exciting very soon!!!

  3. I hope you get to meet your little babies soon! Fingers crossed everything checks out on Thursday!


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