Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bedrest Test Run

Last night I went to L&D as I haven't been feeling quite right and have been in pain for a few days. Luckily no babies are escaping and they were so active! Sadly, I have most likely begun bedrest.

I wanted to make it on my feet a little longer, but what is more important is that all the pressure of me being on my feet doesn't cause them to want out. The longer they bake, the bigger they get, the more likely they will get to come home with mommy and daddy! Thinking of sitting at home all day makes me a little freaked out, but I'd rather that than have to be at work, being annoyed and in pain and worrying that the monkeys are making an exit.

I was told to have modified bedrest today and then discuss the details at my OB appoinment tomorrow morning. This isn't the most convenient day to not be at work, but going to L&D when nothing was really wrong is embarassing so I will follow directions so that the next time I go will only be for the big day.

I slept in, took a shower, messed around on the internet and have been laying around. Then I couldn't find my insurance book so I called to figure out how much the birth is going to cost me anyway. She said it would be my deductible of $2000.00.

WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST? I know I've read through my book before and did not see that! That would put a serious dent in my stay at home time with the monkeys. I told her to please check on that and I was put on hold, while I listened to elevator music and had panic thoughts.

She got back on and said that it would cost $150. That is MUCH better! I guess after spending $24K over the years making these babies I shouldn't worry about an additional $2K, but good grief, that was scary!

I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow. Yeehaw!


  1. insurance company customer "service" reps are so useless! one time someone told me nothing related to IVF would be covered because "PGD sounds experimental." so stupid! :) i was essentially on bedrest for two weeks with OHSS - stock up on DVDs and think about your fabulous babies. and make your hubby wait on you, of course!

  2. So sorry that you are having to slow down sooner than you wanted! BUT, 31 weeks is great!!! You are nearing the home stretch! That modified bed rest is awful! So mind numbingly boring after a while, however, in just a few short months you'll look back on that time and wonder HOW YOU SPENT your days! I hope you have lots of company, books, DVDs, and internet to keep you entertained. Just a few more weeks and you are GOLDEN! Good luck!

  3. 31 weeks... I feel like this pregnancy has gone by so fast!! I hope bed rest doesn't make you too crazy... more time to blog :)

  4. Do you know how shocked I was when I found out you actually had to pay to have a child in the hospital. No wonder Mike was wanting an at home birth, he already knew the secret. I thought since people were continuing the circle of life that you should actually get paid to have a child, not deplete your savings and begin the never ending spiral of debt before you even had a child to take home! RUDE! However, I must say that 150 is a lot better then what my company offers, so cheers to that. Enjoy the bed rest you may find yourself begging for it after the babies come. :)



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