Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still Here

I had an appointment this morning. No babies yet! She offered to check my cervix but I passed, nothing special has happened and that's not the most pleasant experience.

The good news: my blood pressure was high and they figured it was from the pain, so I got a muscle relaxer that is safe for pregnancy. Yesss!!!

The bad news: I still don't have an exact date for the babies! My OB called to schedule it and she said she thinks it most likely be Wednesday, April 28th at noon that the c-section will occur. But then they just called awhile ago to say that they are having trouble with the OR and getting it locked in so they will let me know before the weekend starts on a for sure, definite date and time.

No worries I guess. I did tell the OB to keep her schedule clear because the babies will be out of here by Friday! She laughed. I'm totally serious. Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pregnant with twins. Crazy!!

I'm going back to being stoned now . . . .


  1. Hope those painkillers kick in soon!

  2. enjoy the muscle relaxer! thanks for updating.

  3. 36 weeks - you're a champ! Hope you're feeling good soon.

  4. Hang in there! 36 weeks is pretty safe, but not a guarantee. (Deborah went to 41 with hers) I'm glad they gave you something for the pain. I dont' think you are going to make it to the 28th for your scheduled c-section.

    Take some belly pictures tomorrow!

  5. I saw you posted and I thought for sure you would be telling us you were going into labor! At least you got some pain meds, right? :)

  6. I thought for sure you were in the hospital!! I'm glad to see they have given you some pain drugs. Good Luck!!


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